Monday, July 7, 2008

Real Housewives of ATL

It seems that Bravo's reality based television is doing quite well these days. People can prepare to receive some Southern comfort when Bravo unveils it's latest reality series "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" sometime later this summer. Bravo confirmed the rumors that have been buzzing around for a while to be accurate and we can expect to get a sneak peak on July 30th at midnight. Thanks to Big Jye Intel, we know that 4 of the 5 housewives will be black women. For those who watched the show may have noticed that there weren't any black housewives. Things are different this time around. Wanna know who they are? Good I knew you did:

Former Falcon Bob Whitfield's ex wife,Sheree Whitfield, Oakland Raiders' Ed Hartwell's wife Lisa Hartwell, Real Estate broker Nene Leakes, Cleveland Cavalier's Eric Snow's wife Deshawn. So this may be the best season yet. Look for the Real Housewives of Atlanta sometime in August.

Verizon supports RACIST

A guy named Loren Feldman is busy pissing off civil rights organizations with his recent video blog where he decided to make a video called "TechNigga". The video clip features him wondering where all the black techies are and then he impersonates how a stereotypical black techie would be. This mess is so racist I couldn't stand it. Feldman's degrading of blacks and women isn't even the biggest part of the problem.... The shocking (or not so shocking) part is he has a contract and distribution deal with Verizon. Apparently making racist videos of blacks is the way to get deals in corporate Amerikkka. Civil rights organizations and watchdog groups were scheduled to have a press conference today to ask Lowell C. McAdam (Verizon's CEO) to no longer support Feldman. We'll see how this pans out. You can voice your outrage to McAdam here:

Hancock tears up Box Office

While some people are gossiping about whether WIll Smith is giving Charlize Theron the "Big Willie" or not, Will Smith has been doing his thing and as usual killin' em at the box office. His latest summer blockbuster "Hancock"; knocked out all the other flicks and took that number one spot. Doesn't hurt that he pulled in $185 million bucks so far. I just saw it last night and I thought it was crazy! I can't front at first when I saw an early trailer I was like this is gonna be garbage, but I ate those words within the first 10 minutes of the movie. Anyhow, In the US and Canada Smith pulled int $107.3 million, and overseas he pulled in $78 million. What's next? In his next film he'll play a depressed IRS worker (as they all should be depressed) who changes 7 people's lives in "Seven Pounds".