WTF Files (Archive)

December 18, 2013- WTH Files 12/18/13: Man Claims To Be A CIA Agent To Get Out Of Work

December 17, 2013- WTH Files: Better Not Wash Your Car In Garden City

December 17, 2013- WTH Files: Damn You UPS...It's a Gift Not Trash

November 20, 2013- WTH Files: Football Fan Plummets 30 Feet, Faces Charges

November 20, 2013- WTH Files: Robot Sex Coming Soon

November 19, 2013- WTH FIles: Zombies Are WHAT?

November 19, 2013- WTH Files: U.S. Deep Freezing Illegals?

November 12, 2013- WTH Files: Ochobo: Small Mouths = Pretty?

November 12, 2013- WTH Files: Pastor's Wife Makes Heart Wrenching Discovery

November 12, 2013- WTH Files: Alexander McQueen Store Slapped With Discrimination Lawsuit

August 21, 2013- WTF Files: Teens Overcome Boredom With Murder

August 21, 2013- WTF Files: Tapeworm Diet?

August 21, 2013- WTF Files: He Stuck A Fork Up WHAT?!?!?!?

August 20, 2013- WTF Files....What The Hell is in McDonald's Chicken McNuggets?

July 17, 2013- WTF Files: Doctor Diagnosed Women With 'Ghetto Booty'

July 17, 2013- WTF Files: Negligent mom Brittany Harris Leaves Kids In Car For Hours While At Concert

July 11, 2013- WTF Files: Cop Sexually Assaults Minor 

May 21, 2013- WTF Files: Man Sleeps With 13 Year Old, Gets Slap On Wrist

May 17, 2013- WTF Files: Pastor Arrested For Watch Child Porn

May 13, 2013- WTF Files: Bus Driver's Fight Club 

March 27, 2013- WTF Files: Teacher Has Sex With Student, Gets Blackmailed

March 13, 2013- WTF Files: Two Teens Rob 9 Year Old Girl

February 14, 2013- WTF Files: 3 Robbin' The Church

January 30, 2013- WTF Files: Mother Kept 8 Year Old In Cage

November 26, 2012- WTF Files: WTF Video of the Week! (NSFW)

November 13, 2012- WTF Files: Born With Two Vaginas....

November 5, 2012- WTF Files: Raped and Left For Dead At Age 8

October 31, 2012- WTF Files: Woman's Execution Caught On Video

October 1, 2012- WTF Files: Teens Passes Out, Cuts Throat & Dies

September 19, 2012- WTF Files: Chef Slow Cooked Wife

September 13, 2012- WTF Files: Would Be Baby Snatcher On The Loose

September 12, 2012- WTF Files: Woman Knowingly Infects Man With HIV, Gets Murdered

September 12, 2012-WTF Files: Ex boyfriend Caught Secretly Living In Woman's Attic

August 19, 2012- WTF Files: Man Literally 'Sexed' to Death

August 19, 2012- WTF Files: 3 Year Old Shoot After Shooter Calls Her A 'Ho'

July 30, 2012- WTF Files: Man Throws Ex-Girlfriend and 3 Month Old Out 3rd Story Window