Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Why Maisie Williams' Dress Is Totally Badass

You may be looking at the above picture thinking "oh nice dress", but I can assure you that this dress is off the "badass" meter! Mainly because it's completely made out of -- wait for it -- graphic novel pages. According to Bustle.com the dress is a design by Ryan Jude Novelline 

[The look features panels from X-Men, Sandman, Sailor Moon, and, of course, some Game of Thrones pages for the belt. On the carpet for the event, she told reporters that she was hoping to make as much a statement as Angelina Jolie’s infamous leg-out dress. ”I’m hoping for a new Angelina Jolie thing, and people are gonna Photoshop their faces in my dress,” she said.] source  

This just goes to show great things can happen when the worlds of fashion and comics collide!

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Nasty Buggers Give "Kiss Of Death"

picture source: aol.com
See that little bugger on the right? That little monstrosity has people in Latin America running for their lives and now there's reason for concern in the U.S.

AOL reports:

[The "Kissing Bug" disease has some 8 million people scared for their life in Latin America. 

Also known as the Chagas disease, the life-threatening illness is passed to people by this freaky little guy, called a "kissing bug" or "assassin bug."

And the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates around 300,000 people in the U.S. might be infected.] Read more here!

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Nathaniel Kibby Charged In 14 Year Old's Kidnapping

picture source: AOL.com
The fella to the left is 34 year old Nathaniel Kibby who was arrested and charged with felony kidnapping in the case of the missing 14 year old New Hampshire girl.

Very little information has been released about this case, but here is what's been reported so far:

[Authorities said Nathaniel Kibby was arrested without incident at his Gorham home and was charged with felony kidnapping.

Police allege Kibby knowingly confined Abigail "Abby" Hernandez, then 14, on Oct. 9, sometime after she left Conway High School for her home.

Kibby was scheduled for arraignment Tuesday at Conway District Court. It was not immediately known if Kibby has a lawyer. Attorney General Joseph Foster said he will have a press briefing after the arraignment.] Read more here!

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