Monday, June 30, 2008

BlackTaoist's coming!

Ok my email box has been gettin slammed by people wondering where the recent BlackTaoist interview is. Apparently word leaked out about the Blacktaoist (Novell G. Bell) doing an interview where he speaks candidly about his experience with BET's hit TV show "Iron Ring", Dipset the $40,000 challenge issued by an MMA fighter, and martial arts in general. Well for all you Blacktaoist feens, I'll tell you the interview is on it's way. I was able to chop it up with Novell and he told me about not only his interview, but he's got some serious projects he's working on. When I get my hands on that interview I'll be sure to post it. But word is the joint is done!

You Ready 'A'....'A'?!?!?

This might prove to be absolutely nothing, but I got word that "ya boy" Jay-Z was loungin in the UK with a pop star named Alesha Dixon. Rumors hit my box saying all kinds of stuff like "A" [Alesha Dixon]is gonna replace "B" [Beyonce]. Basically the 2were spotted chillin at a restaurant, and Beyonce was nowhere in sight. I say big deal! They could be discussing music, business, life etc. People always hope the worse and love to see celebs go splitsville. Big Jye says get a life!
Official Alesha Dixon Site

Charlize Theron, Big Willie Style?

First it started with a suspect picture, now a suspect comment. The question is WTF is going on with Will Smith and Charlize Theron?!?!
I know some people are speculating that those two got busy, and some are even saying they're an item; but please do remember who The Fresh Prince's wife is, and she's one of the hottest women out there! All this talk stems from an interview Charlize did over in the UK where she says, "We didn't get the chance to work that much together and yet it took us all of about five minutes to really fall madly in love with each other ... We just hit it off instantly and we're always messing around. There was something about me and him. We're very similar people."

Now in all honesty that quote could be read 2 ways the first is what seems the most obvious, they got busy, or the second is they just really hit it off and became instant friends. I just hope that the Fresh Prince ain't get his "funky" on with Charlize cause even though see's easy on the eyes, she's no where near as dope as Jada!

***Jye note- I'd hit it.

I'm Back!!!

Peace everyone,
I've been getting a crazy amount of emails asking where I've been for the past few weeks since my last blog. I was getting myself situated. I just wrapped up graduating, been working on making music for my mixedtape, working on my youtube channel, devising the new layout for my website, and the list goes on. I'm back on the grind and back on my blog, so have no fear, you're about to get a double dose of Big Jye.
Stay Tuned.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The World Is a Sick Place...and some people are even Sicker

Everyone knows about the trouble Nick Hogan is in, unless you've been under a rock somewhere. From what I understand he's doing an 8-month stretch for reckless driving. Now, check this out. While he's locked down, he gets some mail from someone also doing time for an equally notorious crime. It seems that Stephanie Ragusa somehow found out Nick's info and sent him a letter of support. *Ms. Ragusa is the infamous middle school teacher who allegedly had sex with 3 minors.

Authorities intercepted the letter when they caught the name and info of the sender. Rugusa also offered Nick a "private tutoring session" and in his ever-so witty fashion he replies, "Sounds rad. Then afterwards we can go for a drive! P.S. Bring beer."


Embarassing moment

Wow, this clip of a weatherman is funny, and he has no clue what' being displayed over

Iron Ring Coach Cyber Stalked

Biggie said it best, "mo' money mo' problems" and with any type of success comes haters. This is the case of Novell G. Bell who's experienced cross-over success from the internet to the television set. Novell G. Bell is the coach for Juelz Santana and Jim Jones' Dipset team on B.E.T's the Iron Ring show. Few people outside the martial arts world have heard of Novell, but his level of internet success is enough to rival that of Kimbo Slice who has also had cross-over success from the internet to main stream media. Unlike Kimbo's backyard brawls, Novell (better known as the Blacktaoist) gained his fame from displaying no nonsense martial arts applications on the internet which actually predate Kimbo Slice's video clips. In his no nonsense approach to training in Baguazhang- a Chinese internal martial art Novell and his squad; the Brothers of Wudang put into action a movement to separate the fake from the real in Chinese Martial Arts (CMA) and to bring respect back to CMA.

Novell was already a celebrity in his own right on the internet when B.E.T came knocking and chose him to be a coach for Dipset's team. Prior to this, he had a match against a guy and gave the guy a light ass kicking. After that it appeared everything was all good until Novell's popularity started to grow on the internet and mainstream media. Come to find out the guy refused to take his light ass whoopin like a man started a campaign to slander Novell, and even went as far as to begin impersonating him on the net, registering domain names with Novell's alias and redirecting them to gay porn sites. Daily he floods Novell's email account with hate mail, and continues to steal and edit Novell's youtube videos to try and tanish his image. This guy has truly crossed the line by making sly threats to Novell and his family members.

I sit and wonder why some people are so desperate for attention. Does this guy watch the Iron Ring show and say, "that should've been me" when he sees the man that beat that ass? Or is he infected with a severe case of bitch-assness? I'll never understand.