Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Real Hotmesses of Atlanta

In the words of Florida Evans, DAMN DAMN DAMN! I'm so disappointed in this season of Bravo's "Real Housewives of Atlanta" reality tv show. I've been following this show since the first season, and when I found out that this season was not only going to feature a majority of black women, but also in Atlanta too I couldn't contain myself! #1 Atlanta is still without a question the "Black Mecca" and still has some of the flyest women you could ever wish to come across.
I remember some of the superficial women of the first 2 seasons and I was thinking now finally, the world is going to see how to be rich and still be down to earth. Instead I was shocked to see what I call Hot Ghetto Messes. Apparently, nobody took Charlie Murphy's advice and try to do better. lol.
My issues with the show aren't necessarily how ghetto-fab people are, my issues are how these women portray themselves to be something great when they are only great because they married into money. Let me clarify. Somebody like Oprah could act like Sheree because she's self made. She actually worked to achieve her level of success.

Can we keep it real? Can I keep it real one time? all the sisters married into money, and Kim is most likely what my mother calls a "kept woman"; "Big Poppa's" mistress. So I've yet to see a successful housewife on that show except one; the little Asian & black sister. So none of them are really doing any type of work that makes them successes on their own.

Why is it that the producers had no problem finding successful white women who were self made for 2 consecutive seasons, yet when it came to finding successful black women in the same light, they seem to have scraped the bottom of the barrel?
All I can say is up to this point Bravo's had some pretty good reality shows, but I feel they're misrepresenting wealthy blacks (and blacks in general, we aren't all ghetto-fab). I don't know if it's on purpose or coincidence (yeah right) but they need to fix this on the next season, or we all need to abandon this show and pressure B.E.T., TVone, and Better Black Television to produce reality series that show our successful brothers and sisters in a more accurate light.

Now don't get me wrong, there are a lot of rich black folks who truly cut a fool but we see them all the time, let's show the other side of the coin, so the world can see and get a TRUE sense of successful blacks in the U.S.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Will Smith....The Last Pharaoh

Ok I personally can't wait to see if Will Smith will pull of being a pharaoh. This happens to be one role that he has wanted to play for a long time. He might have the look but let's face it, WIll Smith ain't a scary dude. If you have someone like Ving Rhames playing the pharaoh then that seems like it would be more believeable. But we'll just have to wait and see what Smith does in his next movie "The Last Pharaoh" where he plays Taharqa. For all you who failed history, Taharqa fought the Assyrian invaders in ancient Egypt. Read a book sheesh!

Farewell Jaquitta

If you live in Atlanta or any of the neighboring cities and watch the news, chances are you've seen Jaquitta Williams keeping you informed on local news. According to the website, Jaquitta is saying farewell to her home of 4 years, WSB-TV. This comes as a desire to want to do other things after having a bout with breast cancer.

She has some things in the works that have yet to be mentioned but this definitely won't be the last we see of Jaquitta Williams. Show her your support on her myspace page.

Denzel in "The Book of Eli"

Denzel Washington is scheduled to begin work on a new movie this January titled, "The Book of Eli". According to the movie is described as "A post-apocalyptic Western, in which a lone man(Denzel) fights his way across America in order to protect a sacred book that holds the secrets to saving humankind."

We'll have to wait to see this one, sounds a little Mad Max-ish to me, but it's Denzel and I know he won't be in any garbage movie.

Best City for Singles

According to Atlanta, Georgia is listed as the best city for singles. "For the first time ever, Atlanta tops our list of the best cities for singles", according to the site.

Atlanta which is known as "Hotlanta", "The Black Mecca" and "Black Hollywood" is known for it's nightlife, restaurants, celebrities as well as it's attractive people, and with the current development projects happening in and around the city, it's understandable that more people will flock to this booming city. To read the entire article click here

Inside Man Sequel

Spike Lee got the green light from Universal Pictures to begin work on the sequel to "Inside Man" which starred Denzel Washington and Clive Owens as a police officier (Washington) and a bank robber (Owens). Both Owens and Washington gave the nod to being in the next installment of this story which will not follow the storyline of the first film.

I hope the storyline is as good as the first one because that was a surprising ending in the first movie.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

New RIP Bernie Mac Tees rollin in

It's been a few weeks since the death of an original king of comedy and one of the most talented comedians to ever touch the mic. Bernie Mac will always be remembered as a master of his craft, and one of the funniest comedians ever. Many supporters are showing their love by immortalizing Bernie on tshirts. Check them out Here.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Bubble Gum Rap

Most people that know me know I have my own terms and expressions to describe things. One expression I've been using regularly now is Bubble Gum Rap. Let me explain this term. Bubble Gum Rap is rap music with no substance- it's like bubble gum tastes real good for about 2 minutes and then the flavor disappears, and you're left feeling hungry for real food. That's the exact thing that happens with rap music... you're left starving for real music. The term applies to beats and lyrics individually or collectively. As far as beats; if you've ever heard music that sounded like a 5 year old got a hold of a toy keyboard chances are you've heard bubble gum rap beats- simply put it's simplistic... a beat, cheesy melody, and voila it's done.

In regards to lyrics, bubble gum rap refers to a very basic rhyme scheme with no substance. These two together have become popular and threaten the integrity of hip hop/rap music as they become more popular then other forms of authentic hip hop, and other artists try to jump on the 'what's making bread' bandwagon. In a nutshell bubble gum rap is dumbed down music with dumbed down lyrics. If you've ever heard ANY of Soulja Boy's records you've heard bubble gum rap.

I'm not even trying to hear that nonsense he told MTV about him being able to be lyrical if he wanted to be. You either have it or you don't (which he clearly does not); and if you don't have it, it's not something that's easily obtainable. It's something that is developed and honed to perfection. Artist like Gza, Keith Murray, Rakim, and the often over looked yet highly skilled Pharaoh Monche are examples of true lyricists. The way they are able to convey their thoughts via vivid imagery and creative poetry is truly a skill and talent. Nowadays we see cats who have talent but forsake skills.

Age and race have nothing to do with it either. I know of a white emcee that can hold his own with any emcee and he's got lyrics for days. Check out his myspace here: APATHY I also know young cats from around my way that would body Soulja Boy, because they practice and perfect their craft.

Lyricism is all about word selection, imagery, metaphor manipulation, and delivery just to name a few aspects. It's not something that can be turned on and off by young cats who's basic vocab consists of niggas and bitches and various cuss words. Now I'll give young cats out there some expensive advice for free, enhance your vocab, and elevate your minds and you'll have the proper resources to be on the path to being a true lyricist.


Freeman Needs Our Prayers

One of America's finest black actors was involved in a serious car accident. Morgan Freeman is said to be in serious condition yet in good spirits. He was traveling with a friend down a rural highway when his car ran off the road and landed into a ditch. You can read the full story here.

Some little known info about Morgan Freeman:
Directed the 1993 movie Bopha! Served as Exec-Producer on 5 films, Produced on 3 films, and to date has played in 87 films on both television and the big screen. He's won and been nominated for many awards including the Oscar.

We love you Morgan and wish you a speedy recovery.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Real Housewives of ATL

It seems that Bravo's reality based television is doing quite well these days. People can prepare to receive some Southern comfort when Bravo unveils it's latest reality series "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" sometime later this summer. Bravo confirmed the rumors that have been buzzing around for a while to be accurate and we can expect to get a sneak peak on July 30th at midnight. Thanks to Big Jye Intel, we know that 4 of the 5 housewives will be black women. For those who watched the show may have noticed that there weren't any black housewives. Things are different this time around. Wanna know who they are? Good I knew you did:

Former Falcon Bob Whitfield's ex wife,Sheree Whitfield, Oakland Raiders' Ed Hartwell's wife Lisa Hartwell, Real Estate broker Nene Leakes, Cleveland Cavalier's Eric Snow's wife Deshawn. So this may be the best season yet. Look for the Real Housewives of Atlanta sometime in August.

Verizon supports RACIST

A guy named Loren Feldman is busy pissing off civil rights organizations with his recent video blog where he decided to make a video called "TechNigga". The video clip features him wondering where all the black techies are and then he impersonates how a stereotypical black techie would be. This mess is so racist I couldn't stand it. Feldman's degrading of blacks and women isn't even the biggest part of the problem.... The shocking (or not so shocking) part is he has a contract and distribution deal with Verizon. Apparently making racist videos of blacks is the way to get deals in corporate Amerikkka. Civil rights organizations and watchdog groups were scheduled to have a press conference today to ask Lowell C. McAdam (Verizon's CEO) to no longer support Feldman. We'll see how this pans out. You can voice your outrage to McAdam here:

Hancock tears up Box Office

While some people are gossiping about whether WIll Smith is giving Charlize Theron the "Big Willie" or not, Will Smith has been doing his thing and as usual killin' em at the box office. His latest summer blockbuster "Hancock"; knocked out all the other flicks and took that number one spot. Doesn't hurt that he pulled in $185 million bucks so far. I just saw it last night and I thought it was crazy! I can't front at first when I saw an early trailer I was like this is gonna be garbage, but I ate those words within the first 10 minutes of the movie. Anyhow, In the US and Canada Smith pulled int $107.3 million, and overseas he pulled in $78 million. What's next? In his next film he'll play a depressed IRS worker (as they all should be depressed) who changes 7 people's lives in "Seven Pounds".

Monday, June 30, 2008

BlackTaoist's coming!

Ok my email box has been gettin slammed by people wondering where the recent BlackTaoist interview is. Apparently word leaked out about the Blacktaoist (Novell G. Bell) doing an interview where he speaks candidly about his experience with BET's hit TV show "Iron Ring", Dipset the $40,000 challenge issued by an MMA fighter, and martial arts in general. Well for all you Blacktaoist feens, I'll tell you the interview is on it's way. I was able to chop it up with Novell and he told me about not only his interview, but he's got some serious projects he's working on. When I get my hands on that interview I'll be sure to post it. But word is the joint is done!

You Ready 'A'....'A'?!?!?

This might prove to be absolutely nothing, but I got word that "ya boy" Jay-Z was loungin in the UK with a pop star named Alesha Dixon. Rumors hit my box saying all kinds of stuff like "A" [Alesha Dixon]is gonna replace "B" [Beyonce]. Basically the 2were spotted chillin at a restaurant, and Beyonce was nowhere in sight. I say big deal! They could be discussing music, business, life etc. People always hope the worse and love to see celebs go splitsville. Big Jye says get a life!
Official Alesha Dixon Site

Charlize Theron, Big Willie Style?

First it started with a suspect picture, now a suspect comment. The question is WTF is going on with Will Smith and Charlize Theron?!?!
I know some people are speculating that those two got busy, and some are even saying they're an item; but please do remember who The Fresh Prince's wife is, and she's one of the hottest women out there! All this talk stems from an interview Charlize did over in the UK where she says, "We didn't get the chance to work that much together and yet it took us all of about five minutes to really fall madly in love with each other ... We just hit it off instantly and we're always messing around. There was something about me and him. We're very similar people."

Now in all honesty that quote could be read 2 ways the first is what seems the most obvious, they got busy, or the second is they just really hit it off and became instant friends. I just hope that the Fresh Prince ain't get his "funky" on with Charlize cause even though see's easy on the eyes, she's no where near as dope as Jada!

***Jye note- I'd hit it.

I'm Back!!!

Peace everyone,
I've been getting a crazy amount of emails asking where I've been for the past few weeks since my last blog. I was getting myself situated. I just wrapped up graduating, been working on making music for my mixedtape, working on my youtube channel, devising the new layout for my website, and the list goes on. I'm back on the grind and back on my blog, so have no fear, you're about to get a double dose of Big Jye.
Stay Tuned.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The World Is a Sick Place...and some people are even Sicker

Everyone knows about the trouble Nick Hogan is in, unless you've been under a rock somewhere. From what I understand he's doing an 8-month stretch for reckless driving. Now, check this out. While he's locked down, he gets some mail from someone also doing time for an equally notorious crime. It seems that Stephanie Ragusa somehow found out Nick's info and sent him a letter of support. *Ms. Ragusa is the infamous middle school teacher who allegedly had sex with 3 minors.

Authorities intercepted the letter when they caught the name and info of the sender. Rugusa also offered Nick a "private tutoring session" and in his ever-so witty fashion he replies, "Sounds rad. Then afterwards we can go for a drive! P.S. Bring beer."


Embarassing moment

Wow, this clip of a weatherman is funny, and he has no clue what' being displayed over

Iron Ring Coach Cyber Stalked

Biggie said it best, "mo' money mo' problems" and with any type of success comes haters. This is the case of Novell G. Bell who's experienced cross-over success from the internet to the television set. Novell G. Bell is the coach for Juelz Santana and Jim Jones' Dipset team on B.E.T's the Iron Ring show. Few people outside the martial arts world have heard of Novell, but his level of internet success is enough to rival that of Kimbo Slice who has also had cross-over success from the internet to main stream media. Unlike Kimbo's backyard brawls, Novell (better known as the Blacktaoist) gained his fame from displaying no nonsense martial arts applications on the internet which actually predate Kimbo Slice's video clips. In his no nonsense approach to training in Baguazhang- a Chinese internal martial art Novell and his squad; the Brothers of Wudang put into action a movement to separate the fake from the real in Chinese Martial Arts (CMA) and to bring respect back to CMA.

Novell was already a celebrity in his own right on the internet when B.E.T came knocking and chose him to be a coach for Dipset's team. Prior to this, he had a match against a guy and gave the guy a light ass kicking. After that it appeared everything was all good until Novell's popularity started to grow on the internet and mainstream media. Come to find out the guy refused to take his light ass whoopin like a man started a campaign to slander Novell, and even went as far as to begin impersonating him on the net, registering domain names with Novell's alias and redirecting them to gay porn sites. Daily he floods Novell's email account with hate mail, and continues to steal and edit Novell's youtube videos to try and tanish his image. This guy has truly crossed the line by making sly threats to Novell and his family members.

I sit and wonder why some people are so desperate for attention. Does this guy watch the Iron Ring show and say, "that should've been me" when he sees the man that beat that ass? Or is he infected with a severe case of bitch-assness? I'll never understand.