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Happy Monday! It's time to start this week off like we always do...on the right foot! Check out this second part to the Vegas motivational message by Eric Thomas:

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Use Cellphone, Get Put To Death...N. Korea

Just when I think the North Korean government can't raise the ceiling on evilassness (yeah new word, just made it up) they blow my mind-- yet again. When North Korea's previous leader Kim Jong-Il died last year, footage of people gathered around crying hysterically hit the net. Here's something you may not know about that. If the government wasn't pleased with how someone was mourning, they hauled their butts off to a labor camp for 6 months. That explains some of the more outrageous examples of mourning that took place.

Well, here's something new for North Koreans. There will be 100 days of mourning and during that time anyone caught using a cellphone is going to be hauled off to a labor camp or put to death North Korean style; that means the offender and their families. Read more here!

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Prison...The Great Educator?

Why is it that brothers have go to prison before they can see that the lifestyle they're living is wrong? Does it really have to take years for someone to comprehend their actions as being wrong? If you think about it, brothers are going prison in droves like it's college or something.

Judging from the phone interview Ja Rule did it looks like the answer to the above question is yes. Some brothers have to loss years of their God given freedom in order for them to finally see the mistakes they made and that they weren't living right. During a phone interview Ja Rule seems like he's seen "the light" and realized the error of his ways. He talks about being ashamed for letting his people down, falling into the trap that society wants the black man to be in and some other stuff.

Check out the interview:

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Does This Picture Bother You?

Take a look at the picture. What emotions does it stir up inside of you? Does it disgust you? Does it bring up hatred of any sort? Does it make you smile? It should probably come as no surprise that this poster which was designed to bring people together in South Africa, has actually pissed some people there off big time. I'm not a betting man, but I'm willing to bet the same reaction would be stirred up here in the good ol U.S. as well. Click here to read more about it.

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Common Talks Elam Ferguson Preparation

I gotta say I've always liked Common since the 'Breaker 1-9' days, and this interview made me respect what he does as an artist even more. Check out how he prepared for the character Elam Ferguson on the TV show 'Hell On Wheels':
"set in the 1860s it centers on former confederate soldier Cullen Bohannan, whose quest for vengeance has led him to the Union Pacific Railroad's westward construction of the first Transcontinental Railroad." -source

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WTF FILES: What Will The Future Thug Look Like?

Check out this brother's gear. I call this the 'Future Thug' look. That's when you mix the fashions of street thugs, skateboarders, metrosexuals, and saggin' pants. SMH

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Friday, January 20, 2012

Everything You Should Know About PIPA & SOPA

You've seen websites and protests against PIPA/SOPA but do you really know what it is, and what's at stake if these bills are passed? Take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with PIPA/SOPA and let's do something about it!

Contact your senator today and tell them not to censor the internet. No SOPA/PIPA!

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WTF Files: Selling Booty For McNuggets?!?!?

This isn't funny, but you can't say I never tried to tell you that fast food is the new crack. Here's proof....

Khadijah Baseer was willing to give up some hot loving for some hot McNuggets and a McDonalds in California. Naturally noone took her up on her offer and the cops came to get her out of there on charges of "suspected prostitution." Personally I would have just bought her some McNuggets so she wouldn't have to give up the buns for fake chicken.

Read more here.

Woman Kills Kids, Boyfriend & Self After Smoking Meth

I try to tell people all the time that people are losing their everlasting minds nowadays. This story is just an indication of that fact. Here you have a woman who gets in some type of altercation with her boyfriend and then knocks him off, his cousin, and her two kids and then the icing on the cake, kills herself. All of this after smoking meth. When are people going to wake up and leave the drugs alone? Check out the video below:

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WTF Files: Show Them You Love Them ... While They're ALIVE

It's been a minute since I've gotten a good story worthy enough to be put into the WTF Files, but this one takes the cake. A guy whose girlfriend died was left feeling so guilty about not doing enough for her while she was a alive, decided he'd make things right.... with her while she's dead.

Yeah you read right. The guy had a funeral/wedding with his dead girlfriend. It sounds weird but if you think about it, he actually cut costs by having a funeral-wedding combo. The weird part is if they're planning on having kids? (I know bad joke)

On a side note- doesn't that picture look like a scene from a vampire movie? WTF dude.

Read more here!

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What's Wrong With This Family Portrait?

I was taking my usual stroll through the internet and must have turned down a dark alley into the slums, what many refer to as "THAT part of the internet" because I stumbled upon some funny (yet disturbing) "family portraits." Here's one I found funny:

Sure hope they're DISTANT cousins....smh

Want to see more? Click here.

Are Black Movies On The Verge Of Extinction?

The premiere of 'Red Tails' is this weekend and has been painted by director George Lucas to be a type of make or break situation for black action films as far as Hollywood goes. He shed a little light on the difficulty of obtaining funding for a black film with an all black cast in Hollywood despite his other mega hits. According to Lucas,
"It's because it's an all-black movie. There's no major white roles in it at all. ... I showed it to all of them, and they said, 'No, we don't know how to market a movie like this,'"

Tyler Perry also made comments that got people talking when he stated that films with black casts are "on the verge of becoming extinct." Pretty strong language from Tyler, but when you consider that it was a Hollywood exec that turned down his movie because he said "black people don't talk like that" as he was reading the script. Nothing like someone outside of your race trying to tell you how things in your race are done.

Do you think there is some merit to what Lucas and Perry are saying about black movies? Leave a comment below or hit me up on twitter: @bigjyesupreme

See Red Tails in theaters January 20th 2012.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Monday, January 16, 2012


It's Monday and Happy Dr. King Day to you. It's time to start our week off right with a few positive words from big brother Eric Thomas:

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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Amateur Millionaires Club - Move Over Housewives

When Bravo released "The Real Housewives of Orange County" it was a huge success. The show provided a glimpse into the everyday lives of housewives who lived plush lifestyles. Some were married some were divorced (with the exception of Jo) but all experienced success in some capacity. The show experienced so much success it led to other successful spin-offs. New York and New Jersey were added to the franchise and people were questioning why there weren't any blacks on the shows. That coincidentally (or perhaps not so coincidentally) led to the inclusion of Atlanta but not without more controversy.

First there was the issue of how the Atlanta women obtained their wealth. The other housewives from previous shows for the most part were self made business women, but most of the women from the Atlanta show seemed to have gotten their wealth from their husbands who were pro sports figures or entertainers. Comments even rolled in about how all the other branches had no black housewives yet there was no all black cast for Atlanta. Kim Zolsiack remains the only non-black cast member in Atlanta.

I have to admit as a reality TV junkie I questioned Bravo's selection process to choose the Atlanta cast. Was there even a process or did they just take the easy way out? Instead of casting black women whose claim to fame was their famous husbands, why didn't Bravo seek out professional successful black women whose hard work and determination lead to a lavish lifestyle? That question has never really been answered so if you're a lover of the "Real Housewives" franchise then you have to take it how Bravo gives it.

Enter "The Amateur Millionaires Club." A new reality show set in two "chocolate cities", Houston and Atlanta; with an all black cast showcasing 10 successful men and women who allow the audience to follow their lives as they deal with the issues associated with obtaining and maintaining their wealth. I saw my first episode last night and was pleasantly surprised. Admittedly the show lacks the same polish (and maybe the budget) as Bravo's show, but it gives a better representation of successful black people. This may come as a shock to some, but there are many successful blacks who didn't gain their wealth from pro-sports, being a music star, or other not so legal means.

The fact of the matter is there is very little representation in the media of positive blacks who are self made and wealthy. The show is entertaining and stays true to the formula needed for a interesting reality show -- interesting people, conflicting personalities and of course drama. Look for The Amateur Millionaire Club on myATL (WATL channel 36) Sunday nights at 10:30pm.

Need to know more about The Amateur Millionaires Club? Click here.

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Picture source:

Friday, January 13, 2012

Why You Shouldn't Make Bets

I think this will reinforce my thoughts on not placing

Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Gospel In 4 Minutes

If asked could you sum up the Gospel in 4 minutes or less? This brother did. Sit back and take the journey through the Bible and hear a summary of the Gopsel in 4 minutes:

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"When I Became a Man" (spoken word)

Deep. Pay attention.

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Unsigned Greats presents Smash or Trash: 1/12/12

Unsigned Greats presents Smash Or Trash

So many people hit me off with their projects I thought it would only be fair to share their material with others and have it critiqued by my readers. My only warning is there may or may not be some extremely wack stuff here, but on the other hand you might come across the next big thing, so be patient and fair. After you check things out, let me know what you think. Send me a tweet letting me know if the project is a smash or if it's trash.

The whole point is to give the artist some feedback on their work.
Let's go!

#1 Dutch

#2 T Gutta

#3 S.O

#4 Eric RoBillard

#5 Miruna

#6 J-Styles

#7 Cory Allen Staats

#8 jimi Noel

#9 KSicsFaces

#10 Dear Vegas

#11 Lacan

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Leave Nature Alone!

When are people going to learn to respect nature? There's a saying that goes like this "you play with the bull you'll get the horns", well in this case, you play with the shark you'll get the teeth.
Some guy is out fishing and catches a shark. Tries to unhook the shark while acknowledging the fact that he's messing up the shark's eye in the process. sooner than he says he's "f*cking up his eye" the shark bites the living poo out of his finger. Sounds like justice to me. People need to learn that hunting, fishing, etc., isn't a sport. Man better hope animals don't develop their own "sports" with human players.

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If The Five Heartbeats Was Real

If the 5 Heartbeats was a real life group and BET's 'Unsung' did a segment on Eddie Cain Jr. it would look just like this:

Shout out to Michael

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Crackhead Does MJ

Chris Breezy better watch out because this guy could give him a run for his money.....

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

TMOT Tuesdays: The Come Upins Report: Bum Takes Knife 2 Gunfight

TMOT gives his thoughts on a story where a woman defends herself against would be robber. TMOT caught a little flak with his celebration of the attackers death, but people need to understanding that when you intend to unrighteously bring harm to someone you better understand the full ramifications of those actions, because you just might be the one getting harmed. Food for thought:

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Beyonce & Jay-Z Welcome Blue Ivy Carter

The net is going crazy over power couple Beyonce and Jay-z's (BeyonJay) new baby, Blue Ivy Carter. Everyone is wondering who the baby looks like so we decided to create our 'vision' of what BeyonJay's baby may look like. I think you'll agree the baby looks just like Jay....ahem.....and Beyonce:

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Monday, January 9, 2012


Happy Monday. Time to get the week started right with some motivation from Eric Thomas.

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Thursday, January 5, 2012

WTF Files: Boy Tortured & Murdered

Never A Dull Moment On 'The Price Is Right'

People go crazy on game shows especially on 'The Price Is Right'. An overly excited fan tackles host Drew Carey and Doogie Howser....ahem, I mean Neil Patrick Harris. Something tells me that if Neil Patrick Harris was straight he might have actually enjoyed the tackle.

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Dirty Cop Plants Drugs

Every story has two sides and then there is the truth. A video on youtube shows what looks like a cop planting drugs in a black man's vehicle, shown below:

Yet authorities claim that youtube video is only part of a bigger story. Below is the full dashcam video, you be the judge:

Learn more about this story here.

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Casey Anthony Resurfaces In New Youtube Video

It's been a long time since anyone has seen Casey Anthony but today I saw a video of her with a new hairdo rambling about her video diary and figuring out her new PC. On a side note, where did she get the money to buy a PC? Last I heard she owed some big money to the justice system. Not sure this was a real good move on her behalf. Reminds me of when someone owes you money and you see them bragging about new stuff they bought.

The video is nothing special she just rambles about finally being able to call something her own and how she adopted a new dog. I just hope her dog doesn't come up missing and is found in a trash bag somewhere, just sayin'. Here's the video below:

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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Pray For Nick Cannon

Over the holiday Nick Cannon was said to have experienced 'mild kidney failure'. I'll be honest, I've never heard of mild kidney failure, so I Googled the term and found out that mild kidney failure is most likely a case of mild kidney disease. The internet has been buzzing with all kinds of speculation about the cause of his kidney failure, but the real issue is that the brother needs prayers for a full recovery.

In case you're wondering what some causes of kidney failure are I've supplied you with a few from WebMD:

"High blood pressure (hypertension) contributes to a loss of kidney function, generally over years. Hypertension can damage the blood vessels in your kidneys and accelerate kidney damage from other causes, such as diabetes, as well..

Immune system conditions, such as lupus, and chronic viral illnesses such asHIV/AIDS, hepatitis B, and hepatitis C can cause kidney damage.

A severe infection within the kidneys themselves, called pyelonephritis, can lead to scarring as the infection heals. Multiple episodes can lead to kidney damage.

Inflammation in the tiny filters (glomeruli) within the kidneys can cause glomerulonephritis. This can happen suddenly, such as after an infection with certain strains of bacteria called streptococci and other conditions of unknown cause. Chronic, long-term inflammation can cause progressive kidney damage and loss of function.

Polycystic kidney disease is the most common form of inherited kidney disease. With this condition, fluid-filled cysts form in the kidneys over time, which can damage the kidneys and cause kidney failure.

Congenital defects, which are present at birth, are often the result of a urinary tract obstruction or malformation that affects the kidneys. One of the most common involves a valve-like mechanism between the bladder and urethra. These defects, sometimes found while a baby is still in the womb, can often be surgically repaired by a urologist.

Drugs and toxins, including long-term exposure to some medications and chemicals, can damage the kidneys. Overuse of NSAIDs (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) such as ibuprofen and naproxen can be harmful to the kidneys in some people. Intravenous “street” drugs can cause kidney disease.

Read more about Nick's situation here.

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Hump Day Music: 1/4/12

It's time to set the new year off right with some good music. Let's Go!

Bangers of the Day

U&Me&EveryoneWeKnow- Jean Grae

Up Remix- 50 Cent, Young Jeezy, T.I. & LoveRance

Parachute- Ja Rule f. Leah Siegal

Lean Wit It- Meek Mill

I Tote Guns- Joell Ortiz

Deja Vu Rmx- Slim f. Rick Ross & Play-N-Skillz

Artist Spotlight

Producer's Lounge

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Monday, January 2, 2012

Let Me See Your "Cat"Fax

Fellas could you image if you could the woman you're interested in dating intimate history? Billy Sorell put together a little clip to show you how something like that could work....enjoy!

On a sidenote, I'm sure someone is already working on "an app for that"

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Motivational Mondays: 1/2/12

Happy New Year! It's time to start the new year and week off right with a little motivation from Les Brown:

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