Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Real Hotmesses of Atlanta

In the words of Florida Evans, DAMN DAMN DAMN! I'm so disappointed in this season of Bravo's "Real Housewives of Atlanta" reality tv show. I've been following this show since the first season, and when I found out that this season was not only going to feature a majority of black women, but also in Atlanta too I couldn't contain myself! #1 Atlanta is still without a question the "Black Mecca" and still has some of the flyest women you could ever wish to come across.
I remember some of the superficial women of the first 2 seasons and I was thinking now finally, the world is going to see how to be rich and still be down to earth. Instead I was shocked to see what I call Hot Ghetto Messes. Apparently, nobody took Charlie Murphy's advice and try to do better. lol.
My issues with the show aren't necessarily how ghetto-fab people are, my issues are how these women portray themselves to be something great when they are only great because they married into money. Let me clarify. Somebody like Oprah could act like Sheree because she's self made. She actually worked to achieve her level of success.

Can we keep it real? Can I keep it real one time? all the sisters married into money, and Kim is most likely what my mother calls a "kept woman"; "Big Poppa's" mistress. So I've yet to see a successful housewife on that show except one; the little Asian & black sister. So none of them are really doing any type of work that makes them successes on their own.

Why is it that the producers had no problem finding successful white women who were self made for 2 consecutive seasons, yet when it came to finding successful black women in the same light, they seem to have scraped the bottom of the barrel?
All I can say is up to this point Bravo's had some pretty good reality shows, but I feel they're misrepresenting wealthy blacks (and blacks in general, we aren't all ghetto-fab). I don't know if it's on purpose or coincidence (yeah right) but they need to fix this on the next season, or we all need to abandon this show and pressure B.E.T., TVone, and Better Black Television to produce reality series that show our successful brothers and sisters in a more accurate light.

Now don't get me wrong, there are a lot of rich black folks who truly cut a fool but we see them all the time, let's show the other side of the coin, so the world can see and get a TRUE sense of successful blacks in the U.S.