Thursday, January 27, 2011

60 Seconds of News

No More Color Threat Chart
The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has decided to phase out the color coded threat level chart created by George Bush's administration. The system will be gone by April 27th.

Soccer Player Fined for Tribute To Mother
Lionel Messi wished his mother a happy birthday on Saturday with a message written on his undershirt which caused him to be punished by the Spanish football federation. Basically, they have strict rules prohibiting messages written on shirts. Messi will be fined between 2000 and 3000 euros ($2744.80USD and $4117.20USD).

Facebook allows advertisers republish user posts
Facebook users who click the "like" button for a brand or check in to a store will soon find out that those actions will be posted to their friend's pages as a "Sponsored Story" which will be paid for by advertisers, with no way for users to decline the feature as of yet.

Sicko tortured and killed 2 dogs
Two Labrador Retrievers were found beaten and shot to death after they had wandered away from home while their owner was away. One dog was choked before shot to death. The owner and the Carroll County Humane Society are offering a reward of $1000 in the case.

13 Year Old Cleared of Gang Charges
A 13 year old Fayetteville girl was arrested as one of nine girls in a gang investigation. She was taken from her middle school in handcuffs. She was accussed of being a member of the "Blood Divas" gang. Although the charges have been cleared, she has been barred from returning to her school.

Hollywood Movie Studios Take New Approach To Deal With Piracy
Instead of sending out DVDs of movies currently playing in the movie theaters to be reviewed by the likes of Oscar, Golden Globe and other awards voters, Hollywood studios have been making these films accessible as a free download via Apple's iTune store. The downloads expire within 24 hours.

Polar Bears Astonishing Swim
A female polar bear equipped with a GPS radio collar took a dip that ended up being a 420 mile swim most likely in search of food for herself and her cubs. Scientist were able to track the swim because of the radio colar the bear wears, and were simply amazed.

9lbs of Opium Caught at LAX
LAX airport officiers caught close to 9lbs of opium in Ricardo Rodriguez's suitcase. The drugs were hidden in the lining of his suitcases. Rodriguez was returning to the U.S from Amsterdam, and the unusual heaviness of the suitcases alerted the Customs and Border Patrol officials.

Cruise Line Drops Dangerous Mexican Port
The escalating violence in and near Mazatlan, Mexico has cruise lines decide to drop the port from their travels. Reports of passengers being robbed, beat and one even shot in the leg due to gang crossfired have all played a part in the decision to drop the port. Disney Cruise Line, Princess Cruises, and Holland America have all dropped travel to Mazatlan until further notice.

Drug Catapult Seized
A giant catapult believed to be used to sling drugs over the the U.S.-Mexican border was seized by Mexican soldiers. Thanks to tips from U.S. border patrol troops, the Mexican military was able to confiscate 45lbs of marijuana, and SUV and the catapult.

And that is your 60 Seconds of News