Monday, January 31, 2011

60 Seconds of News

Hip Hop Founding Father Hospitalized
Hip Hop Pioneer Kool Herc is in the hospital with an undisclosed illness and is in need of financial assistance since he doesn't have health insurance.

U.S Citizens Flee Egypt
The airports in Cairo Egypt are slammed with U.S. citizens fleeing the country due to the massive riots, looting and lawlessness spreads across the nation in objection to President Hosni Mubarak's 30 year authoritarian strangle hold on the country.

Indonesian Pop Star Imprisoned For Sex Tapes
A crack down on internet porn in Indonesia has resulted in Indonesian popstar singer Nazril "Ariel" Irham of the group Peterpan being sentenced to three and a half years when his sex tapes hit the internet. Irham was found guilty of violating Indonesia's anti-porn law.

Candy Company Recalls Candy
Dangerous levels of lead found in Toxic Waste Nuclear Sludge candy has prompted the candy maker, Candy Dynamics to recall its candy. The recall includes Toxic Waste Nuclear Sludge candy the company has sold through May 2009 including:
Toxic Waste® Nuclear Sludge® Cherry (UPC 0 89894 81901 1),
Toxic Waste® Nuclear Sludge® Green Apple (UPC 0 89894 81701 7)
Toxic Waste® Nuclear Sludge® Blue Raspberry (UPC 0 89894 81801 4)

Thai Airline President Called "Pioneer" For Hiring Transexual Crew
Thailand is well known for having one of the largest transexual populations as well as being a place where inexpensive and quick sex changes are done. It will also be known for being the first Airline to hiring an all transexual flight attendance crew. According to Peter Chan, "I think these people can have many careers, not just in the entertainment business, and many of them have a dream to be an air hostess. I just made their dream come true," he told AFP. "Our society has changed — it's evolution. I'm an pioneer, and I'm sure there will be (other) organizations following my idea."

Elementary School Accepts Donation From Strip Club Owner
A Florida elementary school had parents and community leaders in an uproar when it accepted $20,000 in donations from a local strip club owner. The school district is considering returning the donation.

Homeowners Sued For Politician's Injuries....After He Broke In
Senator Jim Alesi is suing home owners and the home's builder for injuries he suffered after he broke into the home and injured his leg. Senator Alesi was cited in a criminal report for trespassing. He broke into the home using the basement door, and then injured his leg when he tried to use a ladder to reach the first floor and fell. The Senator is suing on the grounds of negligence-- for not providing a safe site. He claimed he was checking out the home for a friend.

IRS Provides IRS2Go App For iOS and Android
The IRS has made tracking your tax return after you've filed a cinch with their new App, IRS2Go. The App allows you to see the status of your refund, and to see if your return has been accepted.

Hungary Man Steals Condoms
A desperate 28 year old man in Hungary was banned from a bar for attempting to steal a comdon despensing machince from the bar's restroom. Bar employees stopped the man and called authorities. The man said he was low on cash and "met a hot girl at the bar and needed condoms for later... So I thought I'd solve both my problems at once."

Chase Kills Debit Rewards
People will be denied from being able to enroll into the debit rewards program after Feb. 8th. Those who are already members before the cut off date, will remain members but no new members will be accepted.

And That's 60 Seconds of News

Friday, January 28, 2011

60 Seconds of News

I know that you may be too busy to catch the news so here's 60 Seconds of News to bring you up to spend on what's going on in the world.

NBC Loses Logo
"The bird will remain part of the brand of NBC, the broadcaster, while the spinning globe will still be part of the graphic for Universal, the movie studio and theme park operator. And officially, the company's name is still NBC Universal. But the space-less corporate logo is meant to represent the unity of its two main divisions as it is set to be taken over by cable operator Comcast in a deal that is to close on Friday."

Girl Scouts Cut Cookies
The Girl Scouts are considering cutting some brands of cookies they sell due to the economy. Thank U Berry Munch, Dulce de Leche and possible a few more are all under consideration to be cut from sales.

Boy George and Culture Club Reunion
The Culture Club will be getting back together to produce a new album in 2012, and they are currently planning a tour. 2011 celebrates the group's 30th anniversary.

Revamped Classic Games Coming To Facebook
The Oregon Trail & Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego will be getting new looks and will be hitting Facebook in February. The Oregon Trail will be released early February and Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego will be release February 9.

Taco Bell Attempts To "Set The Record Straight"
In a response to a class action lawsuit filed in federal court charing Taco Bell's taco meat isn't beef, Taco Bell took out full page ads in the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, New York Times as well as placing ads online to "set the record straight." The allegations against Taco Bell are that it uses meat mixture in its burritos and tacos. These "meat mixtures" are binders and extenders and it doesn't meet the U.S.D.A's requirements to be labeled beef. Taco Bell fired back stating its mixture is 88% beef and the rest is water, spices, oats, starch and other ingredients.

"Friday of Wrath" In Egypt
Angry protesters gather demanding the end of President Hosni Mubarak leadership as a result in some areas police used rubber bullets and water canons to control angry mobs. Young protesters want an end to the authoritarian style of leadership Mubarak has used for many years. Complaints of corruption, poverty, and inflation all fuel the protests. In an attempt to cease communications between protestors the Egyptian government has blocked mobile services, and the internet.

NBA Player suspended
O.J. Mayo has been suspended for ten games without pay for testing positive for the drug dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA). The league and union have strict policies against drug use. Mayo's suspension begins Friday and ends February 15.

Mega Cocaine Bust In GA
Authorities seized 11kilos of cocaine with a street value of $1.2 million after a routine traffic stop in Warrenton, Ga. 28 year old Cleveland Hall was arrested on drug trafficking charges. The drugs where discovered in a hidden compartment between the back seat and trunk.

And That's 60 Seconds of News!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Drugged Up Mother Kills 9 Month old Baby

60 Seconds of News

No More Color Threat Chart
The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has decided to phase out the color coded threat level chart created by George Bush's administration. The system will be gone by April 27th.

Soccer Player Fined for Tribute To Mother
Lionel Messi wished his mother a happy birthday on Saturday with a message written on his undershirt which caused him to be punished by the Spanish football federation. Basically, they have strict rules prohibiting messages written on shirts. Messi will be fined between 2000 and 3000 euros ($2744.80USD and $4117.20USD).

Facebook allows advertisers republish user posts
Facebook users who click the "like" button for a brand or check in to a store will soon find out that those actions will be posted to their friend's pages as a "Sponsored Story" which will be paid for by advertisers, with no way for users to decline the feature as of yet.

Sicko tortured and killed 2 dogs
Two Labrador Retrievers were found beaten and shot to death after they had wandered away from home while their owner was away. One dog was choked before shot to death. The owner and the Carroll County Humane Society are offering a reward of $1000 in the case.

13 Year Old Cleared of Gang Charges
A 13 year old Fayetteville girl was arrested as one of nine girls in a gang investigation. She was taken from her middle school in handcuffs. She was accussed of being a member of the "Blood Divas" gang. Although the charges have been cleared, she has been barred from returning to her school.

Hollywood Movie Studios Take New Approach To Deal With Piracy
Instead of sending out DVDs of movies currently playing in the movie theaters to be reviewed by the likes of Oscar, Golden Globe and other awards voters, Hollywood studios have been making these films accessible as a free download via Apple's iTune store. The downloads expire within 24 hours.

Polar Bears Astonishing Swim
A female polar bear equipped with a GPS radio collar took a dip that ended up being a 420 mile swim most likely in search of food for herself and her cubs. Scientist were able to track the swim because of the radio colar the bear wears, and were simply amazed.

9lbs of Opium Caught at LAX
LAX airport officiers caught close to 9lbs of opium in Ricardo Rodriguez's suitcase. The drugs were hidden in the lining of his suitcases. Rodriguez was returning to the U.S from Amsterdam, and the unusual heaviness of the suitcases alerted the Customs and Border Patrol officials.

Cruise Line Drops Dangerous Mexican Port
The escalating violence in and near Mazatlan, Mexico has cruise lines decide to drop the port from their travels. Reports of passengers being robbed, beat and one even shot in the leg due to gang crossfired have all played a part in the decision to drop the port. Disney Cruise Line, Princess Cruises, and Holland America have all dropped travel to Mazatlan until further notice.

Drug Catapult Seized
A giant catapult believed to be used to sling drugs over the the U.S.-Mexican border was seized by Mexican soldiers. Thanks to tips from U.S. border patrol troops, the Mexican military was able to confiscate 45lbs of marijuana, and SUV and the catapult.

And that is your 60 Seconds of News

Floacist- Let me (video)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Unsigned Greats Presents: Starvin'

Producer Spotlight
The purpose of the Producer Spotlight is to give these talented up and coming producers some shine, as well as to attract serious artists so everyone can accomplish their goals and make that $$$$.

Music Genre: Hip Hop/R&B/Pop
Rating: cool
Impressive Beat/Performance:
Contact Info:
Listen to dilliot2k's music here:

Music Genre: Hip Hop/R&B/Pop
Rating: dope
Impressive Beat/Performance:
Contact Info:
Listen to JohnnyJuliano's music here:

Music Genre: Hip Hop/R&B/Pop
Rating: cool
Impressive Beat/Performance:
Contact Info:

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Murderer tells judge to "Suck His D***"

Wow this is some funny stuff. A 24 year old man who is responsible for killing a woman and wounding four others in a Fort Greene shootout, from that crime but most likely also from what he told the judge. Before he got that sentence, he told the judge, "With all due respect and from the bottom of my heart, suck my d—.” The judge responded with, "I respectfully decline your offer. You are a danger to all civilized members of society.” Then he hit the dude with the heaviest sentence possible, 107years.

Now call me crazy, but I would think the last thing a man would want to be talking about before going to prison is sucking D***. Fail.
Read more about it here.

Unsigned Greats Presents: Starvin'

Unsigned Greats was a newsletter I started around 2008 possibly earlier. I had so much info to put in it I had to divide it up into 3 separate newsletters; Unsigned Greats, Unsigned Greats Events and Unsigned Greats Presents: Starvin'. The first newsletter dealt with acting and modeling gigs around the country. The second newsletter dealt with events and parties around the country and finally the last newsletter gave starving artists some shine. Thanks to all the love this blog has been getting, I've decided to use this platform to house some of my Unsigned Greats info. Hope you all enjoy it.


Music Genre: Hip Hop/R&B/Pop
Rating: cool
Impressive Beat/Performance:
Contact Info: (Business Inquiries ONLY)
Listen to Vthov's music here:

Music Genre: Hip Hop/R&B/Pop
Rating: cool
Impressive Beat/Performance:
Contact Info: (Business Inquiries ONLY)
Listen to NewYorkOutLaw's music here:

King I Divine
Music Genre: Hip Hop
Rating: cool
Impressive Beat/Performance:
Contact Info:
Listen to King I Divine's music here:

Mike Kalombo
Music Genre: Hip Hop, R&B, Experimental
Rating: Cool
Impressive Beat/Performance:
Contact Info: (Business Inquiries Only)
Listen to Mike Kalombo's music here:

Music Genre: Hip Hop, R&B, Pop, Electro
Rating: Cool
Impressive Beat/Performance:
Contact Info: (Business Inquiries ONLY)
Listen to Mike Kalombo's music here:

Monday, January 24, 2011

Doc arrested for performing illegal abortions

A doctor is locked up for performing the murder of a patient and 7 babies he killed during illegal abotions. According to authorities, he performed abortions well after the legal term forcing the live birth of babies in the sixth to eighth month of pregnancy then severing their spinal cords with scissors. Read more about this sick-o here.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

"Mooz-Lum" The Movie

A new movie focusing on the life and experiences of a young black muslim male will be hitting select theaters soon. This movie looks really interesting. It stars Evan Ross as a young black muslim male who is dealing with prejudice and the pressures of being muslim post 9/11. Cast members include Nia Long, Danny Glover, Evan Ross and Roger Guenveur Smith. Written and directed by Qasim Basir. Check out the official website here and the trailer below.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Dipset's work ethic

Quick interview with Cam'ron discussing work ethic and other things....on a side note, this cat is in a laundry mat- now that's keeping it

DMX back this time in a flick

DMX is back...this time in a straight to DVD flick called The Bleeding. Now don't get it twisted, I like DMX but this right here is just bad bad acting:

One handed girl's b-ball star

Excerpt: "Basketball is a sport that requires a lot of skill at handling a ball. Athleticism is a big part of that natural talent, but a player's natural flexibility and reflexes with their hands come into play significantly as well.

That's what makes Nimitz (Texas) High star Jesse Landry so unique: She excels with just one hand."

Read the whole story here.

Boy George returns stolen artifact

Boy George did a good deed for the day. He was in possession of a Christ icon artifact that he had no clue was stolen, so like any good boy he returned it to its rightful owner(s), in this case the Church of Cyprus.

An art dealer sold the stolen artifact to Boy George who's had it for 26 years and when he found out it was stolen did the right thing with no hesitation.

Floyd Mayweather's new wifey?

Whoa. I've seen a couple of episodes of Chili's "What Chili Wants" and I always see two things 1)Chili always talking about she is looking for a man and 2)She's always on a 'date' with Floyd Mayweather. So just like any other scripted show you'd be thinking she'll met all these different fellas, but eventually get with Floyd right? Maybe not because there is a 'model' who's been on twitter confirming that she and Floyd will be getting married Feb 14, 2011. Oh and by the way as you can see, she's easy on the eyes take a trip to her website:

Here's a behind the scenes video:

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Talented People...Producer's Corner

I've been getting so many videos and sample of music I'm gonna have to start putting these video clips in their own category. Check out the latest submissons:

2ProBeats (

Taurus Scott (taurus602)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Real Music Wednesday...

Here's a break from the usual bubble gum crap being passed off as music on the radio these days. Please notice- no disrespectful lyrics, degrading language, or endless fantasy talk about being a drug king pin and also notice that there is no mention of the artist murdering countless people. Just some good clean GOOD MUSIC to help you get over your hump day!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Talented People

Okay here are some videos I got of more talented people.

Mike Kalombo (klassicmaster2)

Boonie Mayfield (blacktuezday)

Meet Mr. Blow Up

All I have to say is there are some strange people walking around in this world.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Unarmed grandfather of 12 killed by police

'From G's to Gents' Miami contestant charged with murder

Remember the show "From G's to Gents"? If not it was a reality show where P.Diddy's former manservant Fonzworth Bentley was a type of headmaster at a rehabilitation school for guys looking to charge their criminal ways. One of the contestants is in big trouble. Baron "Dirty" Colon is looking at doing some serious time for the murder of his associate's boss.

Read the whole story here!

Talented People

Showcasing people with various talents:

TheBrooklynnJayde (

lillaika90 (Malaika Russell)

lauramarie songs

Bus Brawl!

This next video is as my grandmother says, "a shame before God." 2 women on a bus jump another woman. What's crazy is one of the attackers has 2 young child with her. These women are fighting so bad they almost trample the young kids....this is definitely going in my "Damn Shame" files!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

"Afghan Women" by Ron Artest

I don't really like the song but it's the message that's important. Take a look at this video that gives a glimpse into the world of abuse many Afghan women have to endure.

Tea Party wants to erase slavery from history books

The Tea Party has been in the news for many things but this one takes the cake. The Tennessee tea parties basically wants to rewrite history...specifically black and native American segments of history. They claim they want to present the "truth" about American history and do so in a way that won't tarnish the image of the foundering fathers and the United States.

Here's where it gets interesting. The truth as they seem to believe is that there is "an awful lot of made-up criticism about, for instance, the founders intruding on the Indians or having slaves or being hypocrites in one way of another."

They claim the founding fathers brought liberty to this country where there was none prior to them. My question to them is have they lost their damn minds?!?!? How can they think that by blotting out the atrocities committed by their forefathers, America will be viewed in a better light. If Amercia has a black eye because of the horrible things the founding fathers (and others) have done in the past, then it is what it is, and to change one dot of that history is nothing more then a scandal to cover up shameful deeds performed by many of these tea party member's forefathers. They must be smoking something heavy; how can they deny the elimination of whole indian civilizations, and the beating, maiming, killing, and inhumane treatment of the african slave? The white man came to this country (that belonged to the native Americans) and took it by force, there is still proof to this day as WE don't live on reservations, yet they do.

The bottomline is America is a great country and I wouldn't want to live any place else, but it has a very dark and morbid past. To take out the bad from its history is irresponsible, unrealistic and plain ol rediciulous. History is here for the wise to study it and learn from the mistakes that were made in the past. Read more about this story here!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

The "WTF Were You Thinking Award" Goes To.....

...Gucci Mane for getting an ice cream cone tatted on his face. SMH.

Real Life 'Kick Ass' Gets Nose Broken

I can't stop laughing at the term "real-life superheroes". I mean don't you have to have some type of supernatural powers to be a superhero? lol. Anyhow a masked man running around in Seattle is a real-life superhero named Phoenix Jones. Apparently, his superpowers failed him because he got beat down and his nose was broken, trying to stop a fight. I guess evil prevailed that day...SMH

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Love Barbara by Styles P

Video featuring Styles P and Constellation

Bartendaz up! Get your fitness on

Missing Woman Found Buried In Concrete

This story is both a shame and a disgrace. Some rapper named Blu (government name Jason Omar Griffith) is being held without bail for the disapperance of his ex-girlfriend Debbie Flores-Narvaez who has been missing since December 14. Check out the Las Vegas Police press conference:

Below is a music video with both this Blu cat and Flores-Narvaez if you're like me and never heard of this dude:

Read more about the case here!

New Naughty by Nature

Check out this mini movie "Flags" written by Treach & Directed by Jay Rodriguez & Rock Davis for Itchy House Films.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

"Father of Java" James Gosling to keynote at TSSJS 2011

We ’re thrilled to announce that the father of Java himself, James Gosling, will keynote TheServerSide Java Symposium 2011, March 16-18 in Las Vegas, NV.

Everyone wants to know what the future holds for Java. There’s still that “air of uncertainty” surrounding where we’re all headed. And what better way to spice up the debate than to have Gosling himself on hand to deliver his unique and authoritative perspective the only way he knows how – with a no-holds-barred, unvarnished and definitive view on what you can expect in the next 8-12 months.

You asked. We answered. And we couldn’t be more excited to have Gosling on board to relay exactly how Java will continue to flourish and thrive as the landscape changes and technologies like cloud computing become more pervasive.

That said, we’ll of course also have the top guns from Oracle on hand to reveal their latest roadmap in addition to a few surprises that no IT pro worth his or her salt will want to miss. This is it. THE ONLY JAVA EVENT to give you the full 360-degree spectrum from both sides of the fence, guaranteeing you an unprecedented educational experience with a true “experts agenda” that you won’t find anywhere else this year at any price. Guaranteed.

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity -- view TheServerSide Java Symposium’s agenda, full speaker lineup and apply today to save your seat.

SPECIAL SAVINGS NOTE: Hundreds of your peers from across the globe have already signed up to attend this exclusive event -- and here’s your chance to join them while saving money at the same time! Register before midnight EST this Friday 1/14/11 to save $300 thanks to our extended super early-bird admission discount.


This is the first and perhaps only opportunity you’ll have this year to benefit from Mr. Gosling’s unique perspective, including the latest insights on everything from JavaFX, Glassfish, Java EE 6, devices on the edge, real-time systems and dynamic languages on the JVM – everything that contributes to the potent mix and hybrid environment that is Java today. Mr. Gosling co-authored some the first industry “bibles” including The Java Programming Language and The Java Language Specification and now he’s set to kick off TSSJS 2011 and present this year’s most insightful conference keynote address.

This is guaranteed to be a standing room-only event.


Java is the most trusted and widely used language for building mission-critical, enterprise-class systems. That’s due largely in part to the thriving developer community that surrounds it.

At TSSJS 2011, you benefit from this incredible opportunity to keep your skill set ahead of the pack as you become the first to discover what 2011 has in store for the Java landscape before anyone else.

No other show gives you the opportunity to hear independent expertise instead of sales pitch after sales pitch, disguised as useful content. TheServerSide Java Symposium delivers practical, in-the-trenches advice that you can put to use as soon as you return to the office – guaranteed or your money back.

Only 4 days remain for the super early-bird discount admission opportunity. Don’t be left behind. Register now before it’s too late!

The Countess' Daughter Drops N-bomb

LuAnn de Lesseps from 'The Real Housewives of New York' isn't too happy that her daughter Victoria dropped the n-bomb in a video on youtube. According to Ramona Singer's tweets (pictured below) "The countess's daughter rolling a cigarette swearing n***er! fast forward to 4.12!!!"
LuAnn stated, "My daughter Victoria knows that the behavior she exhibited was unacceptable. I have chosen to deal with this as a private family matter and an opportunity to discuss consequences of our actions."

Friday, January 7, 2011

Microsoft Surface- 2nd Gen

I've heard about Microsoft Surface a while back and even noticed some local news stations using it during their weather segments. It looks like we may be seeing Surface a lot more. I recall the initial push was for retailers, and hotels to be amongst the first to use Surface, but now it looks like it may be more widespread then I previously thought. Have a look:

Fail of the Week!

"Police say Pastor Sandy McGriff broke into a church members home to steal fur coats and laptop computers on Christmas Eve."

All I have to say is this is NOT how pastors should go about collecting tithes and offerings....

Dunk contest practice

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Incredible shot at the buzzer!

Twin Valley South High guard Austin Groff makes one helluva shot at the buzzer in the last game of 2010 against rivals Preble Shawnee High, check it out below:

Fail of the Day!

Could you imagine going on a much needed vacation and enjoying your time off, then when you come home you realize your house is completely gone? That's what happened to Andre Hall. The city was supposed to demolish the house next to his but instead they demolished both houses. Read more about this here.

Living the 'Wild Life'

Apparently some people in Florida have lost their damn minds! Jim Jablon may be one of those people. This fellow decides the best way to raise money for a wildlife rehabilitation center is to live with 2 young 225-250lbs lions...oh and did I mention he'll do this for the whole month of January?

In all seriousness, Mr. Jablon is doing this for a noble cause. The wildlife rehabilitation center he's trying to help is having financial difficulties, and he wants to help them meet their operating costs. According to, "It costs about $75,000 annually to care for the 100 animals at the 14-acre center and Jablon says car washes and other small-scale fund-raisers are no longer sufficient. He hopes people visiting his website and watching the streaming video will feel motivated to make a donation. He expects to raise between $100,000 and $200,000." Extreme situations call for extreme measures. So best wishes to him in his endeavor.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

WTF?!?!? Man Kills Mother-in-law, Inherits Money?!?!?

This is crazy. This is how the story goes.... Dude is robbing his mother in laws home racking up on her jewelry, she walks in on him, sees what he's doing and he chokes her to death. Everything sounds normal so far right? Here's the twist; the victim left her estate to her daughter, but her daughter died in February and since he was married to her daughter....yep you guessed it, dude got more than what he was trying to rob her for. SMH. Read more about this here!

More trouble for "Bad Girl" Catya Washington

Catya Washington aka 'Cat' on Oxygen's "Bad Girl's Club had been arrested on drug and weapons possession back in November 2010. She was able to post the $500,000 bail, but recently was arrested 4 days after Christmas for an outstanding bench warrant. smh. According to TMZ Washington was on house arrest for the drug & gun charge and wandered outside the "designated perimeter."

Monday, January 3, 2011

Another Talented Person

I just finished my Talented People blog and came across this guy. I liked this clip so much that I gave him his shine

Talented People

No better way to start off the New Year then to give some upcoming talent some shine.

Melissa Polinar- 'Try'

Ryan M. Tedder ft Cruical- 'You Ain't Seen Nothin Yet'

One Man Symphony by Filip Diarra- 'My Dream'



Kim Kardashian's New Song?!?!?!

It's surprising how some many people jump up and make records and you've never heard them hum, snap their fingers, etc.....Lindsy Lohan and Tyra Banks come to mind. We've all heard rumors about Kim Kardashian's record and now we get somewhat of a sneak peek. I can't stand the way she talks so I'm scared to hear her "singing" voice. Judge for yourself.