Tuesday, March 20, 2012

WTF Files.... Cop Heard Gettin' Busy On Cop Radio

There's nothing wrong with "gettin' business", "knockin' boots", "gettin' it in", or any other creative way to express the act of having sex; and there certainly isn't anything wrong with cops having sex-- but I think there might be a problem with cops having sex on tax payer's dime...and oh yeah while in their vehicle broadcasting the action over the police radio so every cop with radios and people with police scanners can hear the event:
[According to the station, not only could all on-duty officers hear what Anthony was allegedly doing, but so could anyone with a police scanner. Anthony has been suspended and the audio recording has not been released. ABC 24 in Memphis got reaction to the burgeoning scandal from local residents. "I guess that's what they call working overtime,” quipped resident Denett Davis."] source: The Huffington Post

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picture source: http://tinyurl.com/6sgufc7