Thursday, May 3, 2012

Peace C-Ya Lata Jennifer Williams

I sure hope Burger King is hiring because I know of one realityTV star that's gonna need an employment application real quick. Basketball Wives Jennifer Williams is about to be outta there faster then weave gets sold in ATL, and that's fast as hell!

The problem is that she breached her contract by talking badly about the show and it's portrayal of black women; and in a straight up chump move she filed a lawsuit against Evelyn Lozada's assistant for showing her what the 5 fingers said to the face. Jennifer got the taste smacked out of her mouth but still she shouldn't have sued her, she should have subdued her especially with all the big mess all the ladies talk on the show. I think if you talk junk you should be able to back it up or at least be willing to try, but I digress.

I think after the producers of the show win their lawsuit against her they might give her the special departing gift:

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