Monday, January 14, 2013

Is Kenya Moore Crazy Or Laughing All The Way To The Bank?

Amidst rumors of paying a fella to be her pretend love interest so she could get on the Real Housewives of Atlanta (or RHOA for the initiated), Ms. Kenya Moore seems to be no stranger to controversy. As a dedicated viewer of the show, I think I can say with some amount of authority and assurance, she seems certified crazy most times sometimes on the show. The correct internet diagnosis would be bipolar because it seems like her highs are extraordinary highs and her lows are extremely low.

I wonder though, how much of this is real and how much is just to secure her spot for next season? You know if you aren't bringing the drama and keeping people interested you'll get the ax quick -- ahem -- Sheree Whitfield. I'm inclined to believe that the majority of the Kenya Moore story on RHOA is 90% made up; from the relationship with Walter Jackson, to just about everything else, save being Miss USA, and getting up there in age needing to pop out some babies.

One thing I'd bet my bottom dollar on is that despite looking all kinds of crazy on my TV, I don't doubt she is a strategic business woman. In fact, if the rumors are true and she staged the whole relationship with Walter just to be able to get on the show, I honestly ain't mad at her. Let's face it, for the viewing audience's entertainment people who star in reality shows are to some degree exploited. The picture we're fed of people has some truth, yet that truth may be distorted and manipulated to the liking of the producers and those in the editing rooms. So basically, if they want a person to be "the bad guy" then with a little help from the editors it will be so.

So can I blame Kenya for doing a little exploiting of the show for her own personal gain (if that's what she's doing)? Not at all. In fact, she's taking that business savvy of hers and using it to get whatever paper can come out of the show by releasing a single that's sure to be in any of her straight to DVD flicks (and gay clubs around the world):

She's even gone so far as to turn a negative into a potential positive by putting her infamous catch phrase on t-shirts... you know the phrase I'm talking about, the one that had her looking all types of crazy, "I'm gone with the wind fabulous..." comment she made towards cast member Porsha Steward. Oh yes, fans of the "forty and fabulous" Ms. Kenya Moore will be happy to know that they can proudly wear her phrase across their chests like a badge of honor thanks to her new t-shirt line.

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