Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Think Tank Tuesday: Can Men Be Faithful?

Are Men Only As Faithful As Their Options?
is not just a question women have pondered for ages, but it also happens to be the title of a Huffington Post article written by Joshua Pompey that seems to bring into question how realistic the concept of a monogamous relationship is - for men.

Take a look at the excerpt below and click the link above to read the whole article.

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[When looking at some basic statistics, it is very simple to make the argument that monogamy simply isn't realistic. Divorce rates have skyrocketed in recent decades and single-family households are abundant. Some studies estimate that nearly sixty percent of married individuals have committed acts of infidelity. While these numbers may seem horrifying in their own right, I would like to encourage you all to imagine a world in which all men had the unlimited options of a rock star, athlete or major celebrity. Let's use Alex Rodriguez as an example. 

Alex Rodriguez can go 0 for 5, with five strikeouts, make three errors, break his leg during the game while coming down with the bubonic plague and he will still go back to his hotel room where there are three women waiting in the lobby with the intention of being with him for one night. How long can a happily married man withstand these temptations? One month? Two months? A year? Men may make the choice not to act on their primal instincts to sleep with as many women as they can, but this fight can only last so long before eventually succumbing to the temptation.] source: huffingtonpost.com

picture source: stephanspeaks.com

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