Friday, May 17, 2013

5 Year Old Hero Saves His Father With 9 Letters

I have a new hero and Nathaniel Dancy Jr. is his name! Nathaniel is living proof of what paying attention and utilizing a good education can do for you -- even if you're in kindergarten. The adorable 5 year old saved his father who had an aneurism and stroke while driving:

[As NBC News 4 New York first reported, the boy's father, Nathaniel Dancy Sr., became very sick behind the wheel on the way home from a father-son shopping trip. Dancy Sr. was suffering from a stroke and an aneurysm, but somehow managed to pull over safely. 

At that point, Nathaniel used his dad's phone to call his grandmother, Susan Hardy-Blackman, for help. But the 5-year-old struggled to give Grandma -- who told she was on the other side of town -- directions. On a second call, Hardy-Blackman conferenced in Nathaniel's mom, Janel Blackman. At that point, the boy was able to communicate where he and Dad were stopped -- in a roundabout but resourceful way. Just like he'd learned in school, Nathaniel announced the letters he saw on a nearby store sign: "F, U, R, N, I, T, U, R, E." 

Still, that wasn't quite enough information for Mom and Grandma to locate them. When Hardy-Blackman recounted the events to News 4, she said Nathaniel told her to use her "active listening skills" to understand what he was saying -- and added that they were near a tunnel. Finally, she figured out he was talking about a store called Furniture 22 on New Jersey's Route 22, called 911 and the ambulance made it to Dancy Sr. in time.source:

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