Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Think Tank Tuesday 7/9/13: Cheating Husbands And Their Mistresses, Who's To Blame?

After last night's episode of ratchet-piece theater Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Twitter went crazy. Seemed like everyone was trying to give Kirk Frost a piece of their mind for cheating on his pregnant wife with local aspiring rapper "Mary Jane." (For the uninitiated, Kirk Frost is married to Atlanta rap artist Rasheeda, and was seen getting rubbed up and tongued down by Mary Jane and another woman on last night's episode.) One woman explained how she'd 'Lorena Bobbitt' Kirk ... in oh so many words.   

Mobs of angry viewers took to Twitter to give Kirk the business, while slapping a "home wrecker" label on Mary Jane for knowingly going after a married man. 

Mary Jane fired back at her haters with the following tweet:

A little known secret to those outside of Atlanta is that 'man sharing' runs rampant in the city because of the lopsided ratio of women to men which was believed to be something like 10 women for every 1 single man a couple of years ago.

The Think Tank Tuesday question for today is who is to blame for breaking up the happy and not so happy homes, the cheating husband or the mistresses that purposely target married men? 

Definitely a discussion for the water cooler! Want to see more of Mary Jane? Check out this trailer:

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