Monday, May 5, 2014

The 'Read' Heard Around The World

Last night was the conclusion of the "Real Housewives of Atlanta" reunion special. If you caught all the festivities I'm sure your jaw dropped like mine when you heard what I call the read heard around the world when Phaedra Parks delivered a verbal knockout blow to Kenya Moore leaving Kenya, the cast, the people behind the scenes, your momma, my momma, and everyone else who watched speechless.

I mean Phaedra went up one side of Kenya and down the other without one rebuttal from Kenya -- not so much as a desperate "yo momma" come back. The best part about this epic read is that it wasn't done in the expected yelling across the room in the stereotypical hood rat manner, oh no... this read was delivered in such a sophisticated manner that Emily Post would have stood up and applauded.

If you missed all the action last night, fret not my dear readers, for I have Kenya's second beat down the epic read for you to witness below. Enjoy!:

...I'm hoping Phaedra's read will put an end to Kenya's nonsense, and also to the coonery and buffoonery that goes on in other reality shows where women of color can't seem to express themselves without resorting to some form of ratchedness. Hopefully Mrs. Parks will have taught females of color that there is another away to put someone in their place and that's with your words -- delivered in a dignified manner.

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