Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Think Tank Tuesday 9/9/14: W.S.M.H.D (What Should Mike Have Done?)

Imagine being thrown in prison for a crime you didn't commit. Having years of your life stolen from you and after your serve your time everyone sees you as a convicted criminal. If that wasn't enough, after you've paid your debt (a debt you never owed to begin with) to society, all you want to do is move on with what's left of your life and as you are making the best out of your remaining life some idiot brings up the past. How would you react?

Unfortunately, this is exactly what recently happened to Mike Tyson while promoting his one man show on Toronto's CP24. News anchor Nathan Downer instigated the verbal lashing by bringing up Tyson's past rape conviction. Check out the video...

Did Mike Tyson overact, or should he have said or done more? What would you have done?

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