Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Think Tank Tuesday 3/10/15: Savagery of Today's Youth

The following video sickens me. It doesn't sicken me because it's yet another video of senseless violence committed by a kid with no apparent home training. It doesn't sicken me because it's yet another video of a bully beating up on a person who has no interest of fighting them. Those things merely piss me off. This video sickens me because it's just one more in a long long line of videos displaying black youth acting like savages.

The girl in this video is so far gone that she took the fight from a girl around the same age to a little boy who couldn't be any older than 3 or 4. The bystanders are also a problem for me -- they just watch, laugh and film the whole altercation instead of using better judgement and breaking up the fight especially when things went too far.

Don't get me wrong, I'm from the old school where if two people had a problem and talking things out was to no avail, then you'd fight it out until someone gave up or clearly lost. After the fight you'd shake hands and voila... no more problems between the two. In this video, it's crystal clear that both parties hadn't agreed to fight so someone should have stepped in long before the fight took place, but if they couldn't muster up the courage to do so, they surely should have found enough courage to step in when the toddler got hit. Check out the video:

Is there any hope for today's youth? What can be done about there behavior?

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