Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Think Tank Tuesday 8/25: What Should Be Done With Pedophiles?

picture source: sun-sentinel.com
John Telucian is a 27 year old former camp counselor who has been charged with lewd and lascivious behavior with a minor. What did he do you ask? He somehow thought it was appropriate to lick a 9 year old girl's forehead:

[According to his arrest report, Telucien used a cell phone app called "Kik" to send discreet messages to the girl. A family member discovered it on the girl's phone and questioned her. Then the family member used the app to reply to Telucien, asking him his age.

Telucien deleted the app from his phone, suspecting an adult had control of the girl's phone, according to the arrest report.

The following week, during an interview with Broward Sheriff's detectives, Telucien allegedly admitted that he used the app to chat with the girl and her sister, who was 10 at the time, and two other girls who had attended the six-week summer camp run by the city of Oakland Park. The other girls were both 11.

"Telucien initially denied any physical contact with the girls other than hugging them," the arrest report states. "He then stated he thought the girls were cute and if society accepted it then he would most likely like young girls… Telucien then stated he licked |the younger sister| on the forehead gave her a hug, and told her that he loved her."
The girl later told investigators about the incident, saying she did not give him permission to lick her forehead. "[The younger sister] confirmed that Telucien licked her on her forehead and then said that she tasted "sweet and sweaty."]source

What are your thoughts? What should be done about pedophiles? Should there be a difference in treatment of pedophiles who act on their sexual urges vs those who don't? Would medical castration for those who haven't acted on their urges and physical castration for those who have acted on their urges be a viable solution?

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