Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Think Tank Tuesday 2/9: World Without Blacks

This week's Think Tank Tuesday discussion comes from a thought-provoking video by the Jubilee Project featured below. The video poses the question what would the world look like without black people? You'd think the question was developed for people of races other than blacks, but on the contrary it's a question that can and should be examined by all people including but not limited to black folks.

For people of different races the question allows them to take an honest look at how they view blacks and consider how they may have arrived to their conclusions about them -- is it from first hand experience or from what they see or hear in the media.

For blacks, this question is the perfect time for them to consider their self worth as they reflect on the many contributions and influences black folks have made all over the world throughout the years. Check out the video below:

What are your thoughts? What would a world without black people look like? Would there be a major difference to how things would be? What would be different?

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