Monday, October 10, 2016

Motivational Mondays 10/10: Give Thanks And Never Stop

Happy Monday. We're going to get your week started with a tale of perseverance and gratitude. When Vikram Agnihotri fell victim to a freak accident and lost both of his arms as a child he was faced with two choices -- focus on what he can no longer do, or focus on what he can do. He chose the later and with help from loved ones he lives a full life.

What we do with our hands Mr. Agnihotri has learned to do with his feet allowing him to have an independent life and the best part about it is he recognizes family and friends who have helped him along the way and has decided to give back by providing motivation to others who may need an extra push in life. 

If you can learn anything from Mr. Agnihotri it's to give thanks for what you have whether great or small and never stop living your life. Check out the video of this amazing man and make sure you have a great week:

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