Monday, November 7, 2016

Motivational Mondays 11/7: Make 'Em Listen To You

When we devise plans designed to help us become successful whether in finances, entrepreneurship or relationships we often focus on the obvious. Things like work ethics, education, discipline and dedication are high on our list of things to do to help us get what we ultimately desire --success. The thing is, there are other attributes needed that will help us better maintain success and long lasting relationships. Those attributes are the focus of this week's motivational message.  

Today's message is going to focus on our speech. Whether it's to convey ideas, share knowledge or pitching an idea, there will be times when you'll want people to pay attention to what you say. In today's message given by Mr. Julian Treasure you'll learn the importance of the words you speak as well as how to captivate people when you speak. Have a great week, don't forget to share this blog and enjoy the video: 

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