Monday, January 23, 2017

Your 1st Quarter...Make It Great!

It's Monday, time to head back to the grind but before you do, you have to check out this week's message provided by Dr. Eric Thomas. In the video below Dr. Thomas shares that in football one can say a winning team won not because of what they did in the final quarter but because of what they did in their first quarter. 

The same can be said about our own lives. Many of us are striving to do better, have better and be better and we're looking down the road for those things to happen because maybe we messed up in the first quarter of our life. As Dr. Thomas shows in the video all is not lost. 

What has happened in our first quarter has played a part in who we've become, and if negative experiences occurred early on in our life, it doesn't mean that we're doomed to a negative existence. If you were born into poverty it doesn't mean financial freedom is out of your reach. If you were born without a mother or a father that doesn't mean you can never become a great parent and have a great marriage. What it does mean is that you may have to work harder than others, but your reward will be just as fulfilling. We are to learn from past experiences (good and bad) and devise a plan of action based on that knowledge to achieve our aspirations.  

The take away from this week's message is despite how your first quarter started you can still use it to finish strong:

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