Tuesday, May 16, 2017

45 Years Later Residual Effects From Tuskegee Experiment Still Linger

Can you imagine unknowingly being part of an experiment where your health and well being are purposely compromised just to track the destructive nature of a disease? How about even when the disease begins to do horrible things to your health you're not given proper care or a cure? Sounds like the plot of a horror movie? Well it's not. 

It's exactly what happened to hundreds of black men in this country several decades ago. No mad scientist on an uncharted island, just the U.S. government with no respect or concern for the lives of others:

[For 40 years starting in 1932, medical workers in the segregated South withheld treatment for unsuspecting men infected with a sexually transmitted disease simply so doctors could track the ravages of the horrid illness and dissect their bodies afterward.
Finally exposed in 1972 , the study ended and the men sued, resulting in a $9 million settlement. Twenty years ago this May, President Bill Clinton apologized for the U.S. government. It seemed to mark the end of this ugly episode, once and for all.

Except it didn’t.

Relatives of the men still struggle with the stigma of being linked to the experiment, commonly known today as the “Tuskegee Syphilis Study.” For years they have met privately to share their pain and honor the victims.

And, amazingly, that class-action lawsuit filed by the men in 1973 has outlived them all. The litigation continues to this day, with a federal court currently considering a request that will help determine the study’s final legacy.

A key, unanswered question: What should be done with unclaimed settlement money that still sits in court-controlled accounts?]source 

Today's question for the Think Tank is what should be done with the unclaimed settlement money? Should it be given to the descendants of the victims until it's finally gone, or should it be donated to medical centers in black communities?

What are your thoughts? 

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