Tuesday, December 6, 2011

WTF Files...Are Teachers, Losing Their Minds?

What is going on in this crazy world? I know teachers are overworked and underpaid but have they lost their everlasting minds?

Okay let's begin with a few stories that caught my eye. First we have Irina Kristy, a Boston Math Professor at to Universities allegedly ran a meth lab along with her son from their 2nd floor apartment. Read more here.

How about the infamous Sharron Smalls (no relation to Biggie Smalls), principle of Jane Addams High School in New York? Already in trouble for possible credit-padding (for you slow folks out there that's when students are given credits for classes they didn't take); but now eyebrows were raised because of a racy Facebook picture show posted to here profile. The picture features a topless man pouring what looks to me like chocolate sauce on her and him. To be honest, the pic made me realize 2 things: #1 my principals were all old and decrepit and chocolate sauce on them would have been a horrible image I wouldn't want to see; and #2 people STILL haven't learned to use Facebook's privacy features yet.

Finally, we have the mother load of all B.S caused by a teacher. A 9 year old tells a friend he thinks a teacher is "cute" and a teacher overhears the comment and get the boy in trouble. What kind of trouble? How does a 2 day suspension sound? Oh and if that's not enough the suspension was for sexual harassment.

So the question I pose to my readers is what is going on in this world? Are people losing their minds or what?

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