Thursday, April 12, 2012

WTF Files: Perv Films Young Girls With "Spy Pen"

This is just another sign of people losing their everlasting minds. A 26 year old choir teacher named Aldrin Jayson Nicolas is in some serious trouble for being a perv. According to authorities this guy puts a pen camera capable of taking video in a girls bathroom to film the girls undress. Here's more:
"Members of the Vivace Youth Chorus was staying in vacation rentals at Pajaro Dunes, a beach-side resort west of Watsonville, from March 16-18, according to the Sheriff's Office. During that time, Nicolas allegedly put a camera, which deputies described as a "spy pen," to produce videos of girls ages 13-17 undressing. The girls found the pen, who turned it over to other adults in the program. The adults notified the Sheriff's Office."They found this pen in the bathroom and they didn't know who did it," Skalland said, adding that Nicolas was cooperative when investigators approached him.He was arrested Tuesday.Nicolas has been suspended from his job with Vivace. He also taught choir at Salinas High School, but has been placed on administrative leave by the school district. Deputies said there is no evidence at this time that there are any victims at the high school." source: Watsonville Patch

Read the whole article here.

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