Wednesday, October 10, 2012

'F' You Pay Me! Casino Holding Out On $11.7 Million Payout

What would you do, if you played a game and won close to 12 million dollars? Go crazy right? Now if you played a game, won close to 12 million dollars and they wouldn't give you your winnings you'd probably still go crazy right, albeit a bad kind of crazy I'm sure. Well (yeah you knew it was coming) that's what happened to Poker champ Phil Ivey. Check this out:

'The casino originally agreed to deposithis winnings in a bank account, but has only returned his initial $1.6 million bankroll, ABC News noted.
Ivey, 35, has won eight World Series of Poker bracelets and is "arguably the best poker player in the world," according to
He also has a reputation as a high roller away from his profession. He recently accepted an undisclosed settlement of a $900,000 debt reportedly owed him by fellow pro Ram Vaswani on a golf bet. Vaswani originally refused to pay because he felt Ivey underplayed his skills but acknowledged they had reached an "arrangement."'source:
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