Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Meet Afghanistan's 1st Female Rapper

Soosan Firooz may be one of the bravest females around. She probably has one of the most dangerous jobs in the world -- she's a rap artist from Afghanistan; a country notorious for its incredibly harsh views towards women.

The odds are certainly stacked up against her, she's a female rapping in public going against the current ideology of women's position in her country. A further break down shows the severity of the risk she is taking.

Performing in public is a big no no for females and rap is viewed as rebellious music (with the exception of the bubble gum rap plaguing the airwaves today), rap has always been a way for artists to report what's going on in their community and provides a platform for people to go against the system. Whether police brutality, government corruption, etc., rap music has always been the CNN of the streets. Then you have probably her biggest offense -- speaking out against the forced subjugation of women in Afghanistan. Needless to say this young lady needs our support and prayers.
["Rap does not have to be angry," Soosan Firooz said. She uses it to express painful childhood memories of being a civil war refugee and sees rap as a medium through which she can defy the repression of women. In her first music video recently released on YouTube, Firooz appeared in Western style clothing and jewelry – headscarf notably absent. But pushing the envelope and breaking from Afghanistan's conservative cultural norms does not come without a price. Some members of her family have disowned her and she has faced numerous death threats. Her father quit his job so that he can protect her around the clock.]source:
Check out the video:

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