Thursday, December 6, 2012

Sentenced To 12 Years For Self Defense

Can you imagine being jumped by 7 or 8 guys who are yelling racial slurs at you, getting kicked and beaten while you're on the ground and then when the whole fiasco is over YOU have to spend 12 years behind bars?

Pretty crazy right? Well check out this story about a brother who despite what the facts of the story are, has been locked up for quite some time.

[While Brandon helped his employer move furniture at her house in Jackson, N.J., he allegedly noticed that a fight had broken out at a party across the street. After walking toward the altercation to investigate the melee, one of the individuals involved, who is said to have been visibly intoxicated along with the raucous group, began fighting with him.
According to Gloria, Brandon quickly shut the aggressor down and attempted to return to the house he came from.
But that would be just the beginning.
The aggressor — now allegedly armed with 7 to 8 other White males in tow — followed Brandon and then reportedly began stomping and kicking him while yelling, “Kill the n*gger!”
According to Gloria, Brandon pulled out his 3-inch work pocket knife in self-defense, forcing the group back, but it was the homeowner’s call to police that would finally force the motley group to stand down.
On the police report, even though the officer would list the incident as a “racial offense” and Brandon would sustain injuries to the back of his head and knees and even had a fingernail bitten off, he would later be the only one charged with aggravated assault and illegal weapons possession.
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