Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Think Tank Tuesdays: Wayward Children...Who's To Blame?

Who's to blame for today's youth? They're disrespectful, out of control, stubborn, and to put it frankly a disgrace. Of course those aren't accurate descriptions of all of today's youth but is a segment in society who live up to that description. So who's fault is it? Can we blame music videos, ultra violence movies, music that glorifies sex, drugs, and violence? Or is it solely the fault of parents? Check out the video below:

My theory is the finger can be pointed in many directions, but not as the sole cause of this problem. We can point the finger at the government because when it stepped into the family circle and chipped away at a parent's authority to discipline (not to be confused with abuse) their children, things started to fall apart. We can definitely point the finger at music videos with scantly dressed women and men portraying a lifestyle that promotes, promiscuity, drug culture and violence as a way of life while they dictate to impressionable minds that you can't be anything if you don't have an abundance of money. We can surely point the fingers at the parents who have failed their children miserably either by abandonment or raising them improperly. While all play some part in this complex problem I don't think any one issue is the sole reason why our youth have gone astray. Just look at this story of a young African boy who didn't allow poverty to keep him down.

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