Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Think Tank Tuesday 9/10/13: Daisy Duke Daddy?

picture source: esquire.com
I'm pretty vocal about might disdain towards certain fashion trends amongh today's youth -- skinny jeans on males is a prime example.  One father took his dislike of his daughter's selection of clothing to new heights with a move that I without doubt would never do. Check out this story:

[Fed up with his daughter constantly wearing Daisy Duke-style micro-shorts, Scott Mackintosh took a pair of scissors to his jeans and cut them crotch-high, so that a pocket peeked from beneath. He then donned a “Best. Dad. Ever.” T-shirt and wore the outfit during a family night out on the town. 

“I was absolutely going for shock value and a little bit of embarrassment,” he told NBC’s Mike Taibbi. Mackintosh said he didn't intend to wear his micro-shorts outside the home, but his daughter failed to notice his outfit because she was glued to the phone. So he upped the ante and wore his shorts out to dinner and a game of miniature golf. 

“I decided to make a ‘small’ statement on how her short-shorts maybe aren’t as ‘cute’ as she thinks!” he wrote on his wife’s family blog. Mackintosh’s mortified daughter finally reached her limit when they went out for milk shakes. “I just got out of the car, walked in and she says, ‘I’m staying in the car,’” said Mackintosh, who also has three other daughters and three sons. 

 But the night didn’t embarrass Mackintosh's daughter enough to prevent her — along with his wife and one of his sons —from posting pictures they took of him on social media. The images went viral, and soon the family heard from people across the nation as well as around the world. 

 Mackintosh said the entire incident was meant as a gentle way to get his point across, but he did question whether his tactic worked. “There was no ‘Dad, I get it’ or ‘Dad ,you’re the best … thanks for that awesome lesson,” he said. However, he said his daughter has been better about her choice in shorts.] source: today.com

Did the Daisy Duke wearing dad do the right thing to send a message to his daughter or do you think there was a more effective way to deliver the message. Leave me your thoughts below in the comments section or on twitter #bigjye

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