Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Think Tank Tuesday 9/24/13: Relationship Double Standards

Youtube vlogger Tommy Sotomayor is known for going a bit overboard with some of his views, but in the following video he brings up a good point. Why is it acceptable for a woman to have a certain set of standards when it comes to selecting a man, but frowned upon for a man to also have the same or similar standards when selecting a woman?

We've all heard the lengthy list of requirements women expect a man to meet before being deemed worthy of their attention. Ranging from the type of work he does to how much money he makes to his physical stature; whether it be height, the size of his member or his muscular build, women have no qualms about letting their preferences in men be known, and that is acceptable; but if men base their requirements on the same criteria, they're labelled a pig, shallow or some other colorful expression to define how insensitive the guy is. Is there a double standard between men and women when it comes to the selection process for relationships?

Check out the video below and let me know what you think:

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