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Think Tank Tuesday 3/18/14: The Big Gay Debate

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Natural or unnatural always comes up during a discussion on homosexuality. Some schools of thought say it's unnatural - same sex can not reproduce, some say it's a learned behavior and blame the media for bombarding viewers with images of homosexuality. Others say they were simply born gay because God made them that way. In a very interesting interview for an upcoming issue of Sister to Sister magazine, Gospel Singer Tye Tibbett gave his thoughts on homosexuality:

[Jamie: I think we keep ourselves so contained within this box, and especially religion does. Plus, with homosexuality, quite frankly, I just think it’s a natural thing for them, because I don’t think anybody, especially in the past, would want to come here and be condemned. Nobody wants that. People want to be naturally accepted. Do you understand what I’m saying?
Tye: Yeah, I definitely understand. Well, I want to respond to that: There are lots of things that are natural to us that may not be God’s best for us. That’s my only thing. I’m not saying that homosexuality is not natural. I agree with you that it is. There are several things that come naturally that’s not God’s best. Children 2 years old, “Did you eat that cookie?” “No.” Lying came naturally to them.

Jamie: Right.
Tye: Nobody taught that kid how to lie. It came in the flesh package, but that’s not God’s best. There are certain things that can trigger the not-so-great natural in all of us. But is it God’s will or God’s best for us, period? And I don’t condemn homosexuality, but I don’t believe it’s God’s best for our lifestyle, according to the Bible.
]source: S2Smagazine.com

Is Tye agreeing with the school of thought that God made people gay or is he saying because of sin flesh has become corrupt and it's natural because of sin's effects on the flesh?
What are your thoughts on Tye's take on homosexuality? Is it a natural occurrence as a result of sin's affects on the flesh or do you think it's natural because God made them that way? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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