Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Why Maisie Williams' Dress Is Totally Badass

You may be looking at the above picture thinking "oh nice dress", but I can assure you that this dress is off the "badass" meter! Mainly because it's completely made out of -- wait for it -- graphic novel pages. According to Bustle.com the dress is a design by Ryan Jude Novelline 

[The look features panels from X-Men, Sandman, Sailor Moon, and, of course, some Game of Thrones pages for the belt. On the carpet for the event, she told reporters that she was hoping to make as much a statement as Angelina Jolie’s infamous leg-out dress. ”I’m hoping for a new Angelina Jolie thing, and people are gonna Photoshop their faces in my dress,” she said.] source  

This just goes to show great things can happen when the worlds of fashion and comics collide!

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