Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Think Tank Tuesday 4/28/15: Do Black Lives Really Matter, To Black Celebs?

We see them poppin' bottles, making it rain, spending money on frivolous things, etc.,  but when it comes down to really supporting the black community where are our black celebrities?

Sure we've seen some of them with their hands up (acknowledgement of Michael Brown's murder) and with #blacklivesmatter signs, but do black lives really matter to them?

[... Subconsciously, we have attached ourselves to individuals that don’t even know us personally. Yet, we buy their albums, buy their movie tickets, buy their jeans, hats, shirts, suits, grooming and beauty lines, the drinks they endorse, buy their team jerseys, patronize their clubs/restaurants, and buy collectible items and paraphernalia. They have become an extension of us, like an extra appendage to our anatomy. 

 However, what is the return on our investment? We are the dedicated patrons, customers, and consumers that contribute to the propelling of these individuals into stardom and wealth. It’s one thing to have talent and skill, but that’s nothing without a consumer base and fans to fill your concert halls, sports arenas, stadiums, theaters, and other venues of entertainment. 

 The frightening surge of police killings, brutality, harassment and abuse of power by some bad cops has crippled the t
rust and respect of the African American community and the citizenry nationwide. It’s solely my belief that these athletes, actors, and artists have a broader platform that is under-utilized. For instance, we’ve seen Money Mayweather light dollars on fire, and a page full of rappers that “make it rain” in the strip club. We’ve seen them “buy out the bar” and go on day and late night talk shows. 

... Families take their children to the games for good wholesome entertainment. We even buy video games featuring professional athletes. If you can make hundreds of millions of dollars off your fans, then you should speak out for your fans. Otherwise, your fans will be killed off in a gradual but constant cycle of brutality. Do they care enough for the lives that support your fame and stardom? 

If you don’t want people to resort to violence and destruction, why don’t you use your mega media platform to speak out against police brutality and the justice system? Be the voice of your fans that have been ignored. Is your money more important? Speaking out is what made Muhammad Ali, John Carlos, and Tommie Smith iconic. They did not forget about the struggle of the people.] source

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source: blacklivesmatter.com

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