Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Think Tank Tuesday 7/28: Fast Food Business In God's House?

picture source: charlescountymd.gov
A Pastor decided to open a Subway sandwich shop in his church to address the needs of people in the community. Feeling the shop would provide needed training and jobs he went forward with buying into the franchise and putting it in his church.

[Reverend Prigen said, “The reason we actually put it in the church was because there weren’t a lot of opportunities in this neighborhood when I got here. We had a high murder rate, and a lot of people not working. So, a lot of people always talk about, ‘Just give people jobs.’ Well, that’s not the key, if they haven’t been trained. 

So we started collecting an offering. We called it a “franchise offering” – literally called it a “franchise offering.” But we’ve got to do more than build a business. We’ve got to train people. We try to push people into the next level of life.”] source

Meeting people's needs is definitely a biblical instruction and principle, but today's think tank question asks whether or not having businesses inside a church is biblical, even if the business helps the community?

What are your thoughts? Would Jesus approve of the Subway shop in God's house or would He reiterate what He stated in Matthew 21:12,13?

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