Monday, December 28, 2015

Motivational Monday 12/28: Rid Your Life of Fake Friends


One of the most important bits of information you can get is to pay close attention to who you have in your circle of friends. Personally I take a three ring approach to categorizing people I know and have dealings with. I don't believe in the use of the term friend lightly. To me it's a term of honor that only those who have put in the time and dedication deserve to hold. 

The three ring approach is how I categorize groups of people. The first -- my associates. These are people I know of, that know of me but have limited trust invested in our relationship. Information given to them is typically general and on a need to know basis. The next ring is a little bit tighter and has a little less people then the first ring. This is my buddy circle. These are people I may hang out with (even on a regular basis) and be a little more forthcoming with information because they've invested a certain amount of time in our relationship and gained a small amount of trust. The final circle is what I refer to as my inner circle of friends. This is the smallest and tightest group of people of all the circles; they've earned a spot here and are viewed as priceless in my eyes. 9 times out of 10 we've been through hell and back together. These are individuals I have the most trust in; they have not betrayed my trust nor have I betrayed theirs and they've put in the time and effort to establish a true friendship. In essence, they are as close to family as one can get without being my family and that carries a lot of weight because I highly value family. 

In life you'll need friends like those in my inner circle who you can share your darkest moments with without receiving harsh judgement and with the comfort knowing that what you discuss won't be shared with anyone else. These are the people who you can freely share your fears, dreams and aspirations with and they'll listen no matter how far reaching your dreams may sound which brings me to this week's motivational message -- how to spot fake friends. The journey to success is filled with peaks and valleys and there will be times when you need the encouragement of friends to carry you through tough times. That's why you want to be sure the people you call your friend really are you friend and have your best interests at heart. I you've had problems with having people betray your friendship, then you may want to adjust your screening process according to this video. Check it out:

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