Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Think Tank Tuesday 12/15: The Marva Collins Formula For Success

Marva Collins was a legendary educator who took it upon herself to take on the enormous task of teaching children who were previously thought to be unteachable. Through love, compassion and a strict teaching style this incredible woman was able to take children society gave up on and help them to graduate school, go on to college and lead exceptional lives:

[In 1961 Marva Collins returned to teaching in Chicago schools, because she missed helping youngsters discover the joy of learning. She became annoyed with the many other teachers who did not share her enthusiasm for the job. With her pension money and the support of her husband, Collins opened the Westside Preparatory School in the basement of Daniel Hale Williams University. She welcomed students who had been rejected by other schools and were labeled "unteachable." She planned to give them the time and attention they needed.

Collins decided not to accept funds from the federal government because she did not want to follow all the regulations that came with such backing. She soon moved the school into the second floor of her home, which she and her husband remodeled to handle approximately twenty children ranging in age from four to fourteen years old. The school was eventually moved to its own building near Collins's home, and enrollment increased to over two hundred students. By offering a great deal of individual attention, strict discipline (enforcing obedience and order), as well as focusing on reading, math, and language skills, Collins was able to raise the test scores of her students, many of whom went on to college and did well. "It takes an investment of time to help your children mature and develop successfully," declared Collins in Ebony.]source

If you've never seen the Marva Collins story starring Cicely Tyson check out the video below:

What are your thoughts? Could the method Marva Collins developed to educate at-risk children be the formula the black community needs to successfully teach black children?

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