Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Think Tank Tuesday 3/1: Drug Dealer, But Adorable?

Picture source: yourblackworld.net
When a person is arrested for drug trafficking and caught with all kinds of drugs and paraphernalia there's a plethora of names they can be called, but adorable is the last one you'd probably think would be used. Shockingly (yet not surprising) that's exactly how blog site Death and Taxes described 19 year old alleged drug peddler Sarah Furay. 

To be exact they called her an 'adorable drug kingpin'  but what makes her adorable instead of a monster like other drug dealers who push death in the form of pills and powder? I have an idea, here's a hint it's not her smile.  

The NYDailyNews.com reports: 

[Police cuffed Sarah Furay on Nov. 6 after officers said they found 31 grams of cocaine, 126 grams of high-grade marijuana, 29 "ecstasy" tablets, methamphetamine and 60 doses of an LSD-like drug in her bedroom, according to the College Station Police Department.

The cops found packaging material, two digital scales and a handwritten drug price list in the bedroom in addition to the drug cache, cops said. Furay’s phone also showed “numerous texts” with her peddling coke, MDMA, acid, weed and other drugs, according to the court documents.

At a time in this country when men and women of color are receiving shockingly lengthy prison sentences for possessing minuscule amounts of drugs for personal use, this is both insulting and infuriating. Should people be using illegal drugs? Absolutely not. If caught with illegal drugs should prison time be issued? Certainly, but the time should fit the crime. Users should in no way receive the same or longer sentences than dealers, and no matter how adorable some may find this little powder and pill pushing "princess" she deserves the same amount of time as her drug dealing peers with darker skin tones.  

What are your thoughts? If little white Sally Sue commits the same crime as little black Aliyah, should they get the same amount of time? Why are white criminals perceived differently than criminals of color?

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