Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Think Tank Tuesday 3/8: 16 Year Old Female Beaten In Police Custody

A 16 year old girl was brutally beaten while in police custody.

Kulturekritic.com reports: 

[CCTV surveillance footage obtained by NOLA.com through a public records request shows New Orleans Police Officer Terrance Saulny using what authorities are referring to as “unauthorized force” on a 16-year-old girl as she was standing in a holding cell. Following an investigation by the Public Integrity Bureau, Saulny was fired after video evidence of the beating emerged, and Saulny was found to have lied to investigators by claiming he had not made vulgar comments to the teenagers.

The video, which was released by the Independent Police Monitor’s Office, does not contain audio, but it does show Saulny entering the teenage girl’s cell after and giving her directives before shoving her against a wall and striking her repeatedly with a pair of four-point restraints as he takes her to the ground. Once the girl was on the ground, another officer enters the cell and helps place handcuffs on her.

The girl sustained injuries that eventually required eye surgery and is currently still detained in a juvenile detention center in Shreveport. Despite an investigation by the FBI, New Orleans Police Department spokesman Tyler Gamble reports that there was not enough probable cuase to send the case to the Orleans Parish District Attorney for possible criminal charges against Saulny.
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