Monday, July 25, 2016

Motivational Mondays 7/25: No Safety Net


Happy Monday to all my readers. This week I present to you a challenge. It's very simple, I want you to cut away all the safety nets you have in your life. Safety net you ask? Precisely --  it's anything that enables your bad or irresponsible behavior. The family or friends that bail you out when you live outside your means -- cut it away. The person you call to fulfill physical needs when you know you need a healthy relationship -- cut it away.  The people who make excuses when you don't stick to your diet (because you weren't really trying)-- cut it away. You get the point. 

You're cutting all facilitators of bad behavior out of your life so if you fall, there won't be anyone to catch you and you'll have no choice but to get back up and do things right. Sound harsh? No worries it's not as harsh as it sounds. People with safety nets have no healthy fear of falling because they know someone will be there to catch them. It's like not having a fear of fire because you can't get burned. It's only when there is no safety net that true respect for what's at stake comes into play. A person who lives outside of their means would quickly learn to budget if they knew they couldn't borrow money from anyone and their rent was due for example. What I'm proposing is not for people to fail, instead I'm proposing that people succeed no matter how difficult the task at hand may be. They succeed because without a safety net they take life more seriously and make better choices. 

Check out the following video by Dr. Eric Thomas as he elaborates on how having a safety net in your life can hinder your chance at becoming great and succeeding at achieving your goals. Remember share this blog with someone and have a great week: 

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