Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Think Tank Tuesday 9/13: Dressed Too Sexy To Teach?

source: instagram.com/triceyl__
Things have certainly changed since I was in school -- technology, lack of art & music programs and how teachers look. Some may not believe it but the picture to the right is of a 4th grade teacher. 

Most of my teachers from elementary right through high school looked like they were auditioning for the part of the Wicked Witch of the West -- daily. Today's kids just don't know how fortunate they are to have teachers that actually look like people but I digress. 

Today's Think Tank conversation starter is about the beautiful sister in the picture who's the subject of a heated debate. Patrice "Tricey" Brown set the internet on fire overnight when it discovered that such a beautiful specimen was an elementary teacher in Atlanta (yeah I know, I feel cheated too). While no one is crazy (or blind) enough to deny she's beautiful the actual negative attention is towards her choice of clothing for the classroom. It's deemed as too form fitting and sexy. 

I checked out a few of Ms. Brown's pictures on her Instagram (purely for educational purposes and boy was I ... ahem, educated.) It quickly became obvious that she isn't your typical skin & bones body type, she's definitely a curvaceous woman and perhaps she's experiencing some flak for being just that -- curvaceous. I'm convinced that even if she wore what my teachers wore when I was in school back in the 80s and 90s some of their clothes would still hug her body in certain places. 

So here's the big question, is her attire really unprofessional or is there some body shaming going on here? Is her selection of clothing bringing unnecessary attention to her body instead of the subject material she's supposed to be teaching or is her attire fine? Are people simply blowing things out of proportion or is this a real problem? 

What are your thoughts?

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