Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Think Tank Tuesday 9/20: Is The Restroom A Privilege Or A Right?

If your child came home and told you they had to earn bathroom time would you be okay with that or would you find fault with it? Today's question for the think tank is should students have to earn the privilege of using the bathroom? One teacher thinks so check out this story:

[A mother in Texas is up in arms over a dysfunctional classroom rewards system in her son’s class. The teacher of the class gives the children fake currency as a reward for good behavior. The fake currency can then buy her students certain privileges, one of which is using the bathroom. After her 7-year-old son wet himself in class, Sonja Cross is outraged.

The fake currency is known as “Boyd Bucks” at J.O. Davis Elementary in Irving, Texas. Cross’ son did not have enough Boyd Bucks to go to the bathroom and tried his hardest to hold it in. After his efforts failed he urinated in class. Cross’ son has been teased by other children as a result of this incident.]

What are your thoughts? Was the teacher wrong to make students buy their bathroom time? Should the teacher be reprimanded for making their student wet themselves in class? Should using the restroom be privilege instead of a student's right? 

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