Monday, June 30, 2008

Charlize Theron, Big Willie Style?

First it started with a suspect picture, now a suspect comment. The question is WTF is going on with Will Smith and Charlize Theron?!?!
I know some people are speculating that those two got busy, and some are even saying they're an item; but please do remember who The Fresh Prince's wife is, and she's one of the hottest women out there! All this talk stems from an interview Charlize did over in the UK where she says, "We didn't get the chance to work that much together and yet it took us all of about five minutes to really fall madly in love with each other ... We just hit it off instantly and we're always messing around. There was something about me and him. We're very similar people."

Now in all honesty that quote could be read 2 ways the first is what seems the most obvious, they got busy, or the second is they just really hit it off and became instant friends. I just hope that the Fresh Prince ain't get his "funky" on with Charlize cause even though see's easy on the eyes, she's no where near as dope as Jada!

***Jye note- I'd hit it.