Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The World Is a Sick Place...and some people are even Sicker

Everyone knows about the trouble Nick Hogan is in, unless you've been under a rock somewhere. From what I understand he's doing an 8-month stretch for reckless driving. Now, check this out. While he's locked down, he gets some mail from someone also doing time for an equally notorious crime. It seems that Stephanie Ragusa somehow found out Nick's info and sent him a letter of support. *Ms. Ragusa is the infamous middle school teacher who allegedly had sex with 3 minors.

Authorities intercepted the letter when they caught the name and info of the sender. Rugusa also offered Nick a "private tutoring session" and in his ever-so witty fashion he replies, "Sounds rad. Then afterwards we can go for a drive! P.S. Bring beer."