Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Iron Ring Coach Cyber Stalked

Biggie said it best, "mo' money mo' problems" and with any type of success comes haters. This is the case of Novell G. Bell who's experienced cross-over success from the internet to the television set. Novell G. Bell is the coach for Juelz Santana and Jim Jones' Dipset team on B.E.T's the Iron Ring show. Few people outside the martial arts world have heard of Novell, but his level of internet success is enough to rival that of Kimbo Slice who has also had cross-over success from the internet to main stream media. Unlike Kimbo's backyard brawls, Novell (better known as the Blacktaoist) gained his fame from displaying no nonsense martial arts applications on the internet which actually predate Kimbo Slice's video clips. In his no nonsense approach to training in Baguazhang- a Chinese internal martial art Novell and his squad; the Brothers of Wudang put into action a movement to separate the fake from the real in Chinese Martial Arts (CMA) and to bring respect back to CMA.

Novell was already a celebrity in his own right on the internet when B.E.T came knocking and chose him to be a coach for Dipset's team. Prior to this, he had a match against a guy and gave the guy a light ass kicking. After that it appeared everything was all good until Novell's popularity started to grow on the internet and mainstream media. Come to find out the guy refused to take his light ass whoopin like a man started a campaign to slander Novell, and even went as far as to begin impersonating him on the net, registering domain names with Novell's alias and redirecting them to gay porn sites. Daily he floods Novell's email account with hate mail, and continues to steal and edit Novell's youtube videos to try and tanish his image. This guy has truly crossed the line by making sly threats to Novell and his family members.

I sit and wonder why some people are so desperate for attention. Does this guy watch the Iron Ring show and say, "that should've been me" when he sees the man that beat that ass? Or is he infected with a severe case of bitch-assness? I'll never understand.