Saturday, December 4, 2010

Come on Son! ...Stop Frontin'!

Most people that know me, know I like to watch The Real House Wives of Atlanta (RHWOA). Hey, what can I say; what better way to forget about drama in your life then by watching the drama in these ladies' lives? One of the housewives named Sheree (formerly married to Bob Whitfield) decided it was time for her to start dating again. She gets setup with this brother named Dr. Tiy-E Muhammad. The brother came across as smooth, intelligent and someone I thought was gonna tame Sheree. Apparently the brother had some kind of scandal back in the day involving the "Dr." in front of his name.

So on the show you see Nene Leaks setting it off; recognizing him (in a bad way) and then other cast members recognize him (also in a bad way). Seemed like everyone knew about him except Sheree. So everyone begins to ask him about the scandal and if he truly has a Ph.D. The brother explains that he has a Ph.D and that he's a real doctor (psychologist). That's when Kandi Burrus's mother throws the self proclaimed doctor a curve ball...she asks him where he got his degree and if it was an online school. Tiy-E Muhammad blurts out the name Ashwood University and mentions it's an online school.

When he said online school everyone had jokes. Now me not being one who enjoys when a brother is bashed decided to do a little research; after all there are plenty of schools offering degrees in an online program.

First I checked out "Dr." Tiy-E Muhammad's website. Everything looked copacetic until I got to the 'credentials' portion of the site; there I noticed something fishy with the dates he claims to have acquired his various degrees. For instance 2 years to get his BA in Political Science, and 1 year to get his M.S in Counseling Psychology. Okay, the dates might be easily explained; perhaps the brother got his associates in a none related field and decided not to share that info. Okay that would take care of that, but upon more investigation I noticed the phrase "candidate only" in regards to a Ph.D in Counseling Psychology from Southern Illinois University (SIU). Then I saw....."IT"....the Ph.D he received from Ashwood University.

Well that settles it right? Dude has his Ph.D right? WRONG! When I dug a little deeper and checked out Ashwood University's website I was amazed to say the least. This site basically allows people to BUY (yep I said it) any degree they desire with no classes or tests to be taken. They have Ph.D degrees including thesis papers for sale. SMH.

So the fact of the matter is Tiy-E Muhammad is as much of a psychologist as a bum on the street. In fact according to a SIU spokesperson, Tiy-E Muhammad only attended SIU for a semester. He was fired from Clark Atlanta because of his bogus degrees. He does have a master's degree from Eastern Illinois University, but is NOT a psychologist and according to Georgia Law Code (sec 43-39-7) it's illegal to claim to be a psychologist without a license. Oh well, guess the good "doctor" has been exposed for the fraud he is and maybe, just maybe he'll actually go to school and get that Ph.D for real!