Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Talented people

Everyday I get messages from talented people in my inbox sharing their projects with me; music, movies, artwork, beat production, etc. I have to say that I come across some really talented individuals on a daily basis. I figured I'd use this platform to give some shine to some of these incredible artists. With so much bad music being played on the radio, it's refreshing to find artists who restore my faith in good with that said, here are just a couple of clips from some talented people:

The Undergrads- All I Want For Christmas

Julie Corrigan

BESUREIS- It's Not Your Fate

Laura Marie- White Night

Lissie- Little Lovin'

Rags Moody- I'm Free

Hit me off with your music, reels, modeling pics, artwork, etc., and I'll share it with the world. @BigJyeSupreme