Friday, April 1, 2011

Bullies Hang 8 Year Old

I'll be honest this story pissed me off. Bullies almost kill a kid and there has been reports of the child being bullied before? Unfortunately the father is a foreigner and doesn't speak good English, but had that been me I would have turned that school upside down, and trained my son to always carried sharpened pencils and to stab any bully until they stop moving. Harsh? I don't think so. Bullies MO is to bother, pester, hurt, etc. someone continuously, and people can and should only take so much. Instead of a child (whose life hasn't even started) contemplating suicide I'd rather empower them to boost their self confidence so that they weren't an obvious target, but if someone was feeling froggy and decided to jump then my kid would break their legs. ...and yes this is truly what I personally teach my son. You mind your own business so if someone bothers you you have every right to disfigure them. More about the story after the video.

Read more about the story here!