Sunday, April 24, 2011

Unsigned Greats presents: New Music

April, 2011Chambermusik Store
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It's been a long time like Rakim, and sorry we kept you. We got a boatload of treats for you, that many true Hip-Hop hedz want. So here goes....

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Kevlaar 7 - Who Got the Camera?
Wu-Affiliated producer/emcee, and brother of Bronze Nazareth, Kevlaar 7 has been making his name known throughout the true-skool underground for the last few years. Also a member of the group Wisemen (IHipHop Distribution), he delivers thoughtful and soulful lyrics, and his lyrical talent only seems to get better with time. In this project, Kevlaar decided to focus more on his vocals, allowing other producers to craft their soundscapes around him. The result is a deep, funky ride, with beatsmiths such as Bronze Nazareth, Paragone, Endemic, and others. Special guests include Merc Versus, William Cooper, Bronze Nazareth, among others.

Chambermusik Store Exclusives!
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Dj Vlad Presents M-Eighty - Taking Back What's Mine
DJ Vlad presents: M-Eighty "Taking Back Whats Mine" - Guinness World RecordFreestylist, Wu-tang Affiliate, & Member of the Group Almighty comes with this 80 minute High Octane Compilation Albumfeaturing some of the most legendary names in Hip-Hop.

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Method Man & Redman Live HD DVD w/ M-Eighty
The official Method Man & Redman Live HD DVD w/ M-Eighty and special guests Canibus, Allah Mathematics, Street Life, & more...

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Popa Chief - Hood Hymz
Popa Chief, of the Zu Ninjaz & Brooklyn Zu Fam brings the latest chapter to his never-ending saga. This is a starkly original and banging album that will bring joy to any true Hip-Hop head. Chief's lyrical flows are second to none, and he brings a variesty of song topics to the table. Features: Babyface Fensta, PC, Nyckl and others.

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On Grind Ent. presents Welcome to S.I.N.Y. City ft Baker Don
If you're looking for raw street hip hop from Staten Island, New York, look no further. This compilation album features the likes of BakerDon, Fes Taylor, Franchize Frenchy, Bomb Official, Troo Riches, Reez Fox, Stelf Bombz, Haxaw and Double Peezy.

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Sic-Min - Operation D.B.H.N. ft. Darkskinned Assassin!
Sic Min is a new group composed of Dr. Ama/Dark Skinned Assassin, HellFire, Nite Time, Blakk Starr and Vexe'd. On 'Operation D.B.H.N. (Dark Black Hell Nite)' the 5-man unit from Staten Island brings you raw street hip hop backed by haunting beats. Hosted by DJ Haze, this 14-track mixtape is a must-have.

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Dainjamental - Asylum Chapters
Recorded in 1994, the sixth album in the Reble Dainja throwback series will take the listeners on a dark and menacing journey. This release has the original horrorcore sound of the early nineties and is filled with brutal story telling and eerie beats all produced by Dainjamental.

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Franchize Frenchy - The French Connection
Produced mainly by Agent Blurr, 'The French Connection' is Franchize Frenchy's first official project. This album also has production from the legenday Kool Keith as Dr. Dooom, IlleetOnez and Self. Guest spots come from the likes of Fes Taylor, King Just, Stumik, Iron Mic, BakerDon, Flyce Coroner Donna, Bomb Official and Castro.

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